More reasons to love cashews

Cashews… There are many reasons to love them even more…

Cashews are mostly enjoyed for their rich and creamy taste and their nutritional benefits. Here are some reasons why cashews are good:

They are nutrient-dense: Cashews are packed with important nutrients such as protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. They are particularly rich in magnesium, which is important for bone health, nerve function, and heart health.

Heart-healthy: Cashews contain healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which can help lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Antioxidant-rich: Cashews are a good source of antioxidants, which help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.

Satisfying: Cashews are a good source of protein and fiber, which can help keep you feeling full and satisfied, making them a great snack option for curbing hunger between meals.

How Miss Nang Treats can support you?

If you are reluctant to eat more of the raw stuff. Miss Nang has created ways for you to vary the way you enjoy the cashews in their plant-based range of snacks: The pink Cashews are suitable for vegans and are made with beetroot.

The savoury cashews are rehydrated and roasted with saffron and paprika with freshly cracked black pepper. This means you can have fun with your favourite healthy plant based snacks without ingesting junk.

Bonus: they look good and are easily sharable so you can invite others along to join you on your quest to healthier snacking habits.

Added bonus:  you can also take on a nuts subscription box! which means you won’t even have to shop for them every month as they will just land, freshly made on your doorstep.

Oh and remember, everything in moderation of course.

Don’t know where to start?

Try the duo below, then take it from there….

plant-based chilli award certificate

Award winning plant-based chilli sauce

plant-based chilli award certificate

Last year I launched a range called Kokwa & Mikki by Miss Nang Treats. This week one of the products from the range won a Great Taste Gold star from the Guild of Fine Foods and we are giving you 10% off… 

And by the way, How many award winning plant-based chilli sauces are out there?

The Kokwa & Mikki range which comprises 4 savoury plant-based crackers and 6 plant-based sauces/Condiments & dips was named after my grand-parents Mammy KoKwa and Papa Mikki. The labels for this range has an image of the Ndop, a storytelling fabric from my tribe, the Bamileke tribe of the Cameroonian Grasslands.

Why KoKwa and Mikki? In my family there is a long tradition of people having twins. I’ve always dreamt of having a set of twins. When we have children, we name them after people we want to honour. Sadly at 46, I have no children and the products that I create are my babies, so I named my twin range Kokwa and Mikki,

What’s more. The other reason I wanted to create a plant-based range of crackers with their accompanying dips  is because I had not seen it on the market. Since Miss Nang Treats’ main ingredients are nuts or seeds, I thought it could be a range that demonstrates the many ways to include nuts in our diet without added junk, colourful without chemicals, excessively tasty but identifiable flavours combined in different ways. The chilli that was submitted embodied all that.


About the chilli that won the award, the judges said: This sauce has a glorious deep orange colour with plenty of texture and a level of oil separation that is appealing to us. There is a heady nose – a mix of tomato, garlic, nuts and chilli. On tasting it is vibrant and exciting and very savoury. It is well-rounded but then it has a soothing but warming kick of chilli at the end. The layers of flavour come through with a hint of bitterness but that bitterness is not aggressive. We think this does deliver on taste and is worthy of an award. For a higher one perhaps try and eliminate that hint of bitterness.

The Kokwa and Mikki range was challenging to create, especially the crackers and their different colours. But I am elated that after just 9 months after the launch, this plant-based sauces, condiments, dips and crackers are already winning awards.

For me, this is just the start. Miss Nang’s full range range is very quirky with a number of gems that could be 3 stars taste products.
I am really excited about the future of this range and would like to invite you to join me on the journey.
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See you next time.

Hortense, Founder.

Beetroot chutney on bread

Healthy plant-based sauces and condiments

Plant-based sauces and condiments with herbs in a wooden tray

Sauces and dips

It can be very challenging finding plant-based cooking sauces and condiments that aren’t full of junk or ingredients that are inexplicable/ unpronounceable.

Miss Nang Treats has always been an advocate of healthy plant-based foods with ingredients that can be found everywhere here in England.

Having looked at the plant-based landscape and the amount of junk food that has been carried over, it is no surprise that we end up with another form of unhealthy diet… more junk, just chemically modified from plant molecules… (eye rolling).

If you don’t believe me, go to a vegan/plant-based food exhibition. Just because a cake is called vegan, it doesn’t mean that it has no fat. A cake is a cake, is a cake. Vegan cakes still have sugar, fat and icing in them. So moderation still applies.

Any who. Back the sauces. Do you know? you can still find artisan confectionary, sauces and cooking aids that have not been tempered with? That’s what the Kokwa & Mikki range from Miss Nang Treats is.

The healthy plant-based cooking sauces and condiments are made from scratch with everyday ingredients available in our markets.

Let’s look at the Bitsy Beets Chutney from the Kokwa & Mikki range

Beetroot condiment in square jar

Made with grated fresh beetroot; it is cooked in olive oil with fennel and water chestnuts.
You can use this as condiments for steamed potatoes, rice, chips etc or just add it to a pile of tender stems broccoli.

Plant-Based and environment

Healthy plant-based sauces and condiments don’t have to taste horrible just because they are healthier, they do not need ingredients especially flown from the furthest end of the earth to sound exotic. We can just be more creative with what is here in the UK without overly compromising our carbon footprint.

Miss Nang Treats as an entity has made the decision to buy ingredients locally as much as possible. Often, even exotic ingredients are already available on the territory.

Some businesses think it must be better to import ingredients, but when every expenses is brought together on one sheet, we end up spending more than necessary. Not only that, but importing affects our carbon foot print.

Miss Nang Treats has chosen either to use ingredients harvested in the UK or use ingredients already imported in the UK, thereby, offsetting to a certain degrees the carbon foot print of the importer.

Not only that the sauces and sold in jars that can be returnable the Miss Nang Treats against discount on future purchase.

What’s in it for you?

When transitioning to a more plant-based life, it can be challenging to find things that make life easy. The plant-based sauces & condiments from the Kokwa & Mikki range were created to make life easier those on the start of their journey. The ingredients are familiar, the sauces very colourful with flavours simply out of this world. Mind you, the recipe developer is French, so they are bound to be flavourful.

One absolute fan of the range calls it ‘Life’s saver.’ As a very busy entrepreneur with a full time job and thriving business, Charlotte is a subscriber to the range. She says she doesn’t fret for her dinners or lunches because half of the meals are ready. ‘All I have to do is boil or microwave yellow plantain in the microwave for 10 minutes, add a dollop of Carrot butter or Bitsy beet Chutney and am ready to eat.

The Cream of sunflower seeds is a great sauce to add if cooking a one-pot. Oh and how about the Green chutney as a top for Baked potatoes? These are greats plant-based sauce to have in the fridge. They cut my cooking time by 2/3. I love them says Charlotte.

Plate of vegan food plantain and beetroot

Plate of vegan food plantain and beetroot

And those are the reasons those sauces were created.

Besides being a subscriber, Charlotte has also learnt to save the jars to be recycled through Miss Nang Treats.

‘ I used to through everything away, now I even keep the box so you guys can collect it. Oh gosh, you are turning me into an eco-warrior’.  She says.

We love to hear that because Miss Nang Treats is not only here to feed, but also to educate.

Great News

Miss Nang is launching a plant-based sauces & condiments subscription box in September.

If you’d like to be among the firsts to hear when the go live, please subscribe to the newsletter here…

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FREE cookbook for National Vegetarian Week

IT IS NATIONAL VEGETARIAN WEEK! and it kicks off today

Do you need help with you meat-Free Mondays? Look no further! Download here and let the adventure begin.

As you know Miss Nang Treats released a cookbook last year. To celebrate the National Vegetarian Week, you will have your own copy totally free!

You may have already seen images from the cookbook, but let me tell you, the recipes are a real adventure… Believe me, there are not ingredients in this book that you’ve never heard of… But you’ll be surprised at the way they are used… No need to shop at specialised shop either.

download the cook book here TODAY!‘Plant-Based Ideas For Carnivores’ as its name indicates it s collection of ideas and you can even swap some ingredients. So, go ahead and download.
FEEL please do share this message with anyone you know. Book value £10.99.



… And if you fancy snacking on something while you are considering which recipes to try, why not make the most of the offer below and enjoy the best of the best nuts trio as voted by the tasting sessions participants?
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Happy Monday, happy National Vegetarian Week.

Cost Of living crisis – food related tips, sustainability and savings

💰 Cost Of Living Crisis, how living sustainably can save you some £££.

Hey hey hey Nuts and food lovers welcome to May!

You must be up to you ears with the expression ‘cost of living crisis‘.

Am sure everyone is giving you advice on this, but not only that, you must be sustainable… the latter is still a mystery to most.

So, As someone who’s a lover of good things, but also thrifty, in this live, am giving you few tips on being sustainable with food while also being economical with your energy.

As my monthly Instagram lon the subject and you can watch it here

In this live:

👉The reduced aisle is your best friend

👉Shop in big Asian supermarkets and your local fruits and veg market for variety and low cost.

👉Use by date is not the end of the product

👉Limp veggies can be revived

✍️Batchcooking can save you energy if you know you day/night/week end tariff for Electricity and gas

🌍Exchange your compost kitchen waste for food from allotment owners

🌍Regrow your herbs, help the insects the ecosystem and reuse your herbs for longer as they regrow

💰Shop smart and take care of your health: buy less chicken, save and buy a better grade meat once in a while… your health will thank you

I hope there have been useful to you.
If there is something you’d like me to look at, please email miss-nang,

February aphrodisiac

It’s been compared to VIAGRA. Guess what it is.
Promise, I didn’t know.

February is finally heeeeeere! Am just happy because January is over….😍… and tomorrow at some point, your clock will show 02-02-2022… my mission tomorrow will be to capture a souvenir picture… Nutter I know that’s why am the Nutter In Chief.

Anywho! the month of love has arrived. Are you ready for Valentine? Hopefully you bought one of Miss Nang Valentine’s hearts… there are still few available, so check the link

But, did you know that chilli was an aphrodisiac? Get ready, you’d be surprised. The tub above is a double aphrodisiac condiment as one of the ingredients is an arousal stimulator… 😉
So, get you some and get testing… it has been compared to Viagra you know?… Africans no need help, it is all in the food… no chemical necessary.

Your arousal is not the reason, I added rain forest nuts in this chilli, the taste is simply amazing, the rest… is bonus. Nothing to do with me. 😉

During February, the chilli is limited to 2 per person sorry about that no more 4/5 jars. Be kind, share.

Want some? See link above

Happy February 😉

Miss Nang and sustainability

So. Sustainability. Global goals, recycling, reusing…. Aaaarrrgghhh 🙄

How do you feel when you hear these words?

Happy New month. In August, Miss Nang will be translating all that for you. And the special offer this month is the 3 No-Waste snacks of the range. You know them. Among them are the two most popular cashew-Beet and Charco-Al.

So, stay tuned.

Will you stick around?

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Few statement about Miss Nang sustainability promise…

Miss Nang aims to promote Sustainability.
Miss Nang is a business that cares about Climate Change.
Miss Nang is now migrating to Compostable Packaging
Miss Nang Treats is a Sustainable Business.
At Miss Nang Treats Zero Waste is in the DNA.
Where possible ReUse is a must.
Miss Nang jars can be used at Refill shops.
The jars and ribbons can be ReGifted
ReCycling is a must!
#Regrow is a game widely promoted on Miss Nang Instagram page

WasteNot ReUse is the new sister Instagram page, please follow.
Made In Britain.

Snack healthier

Hello and happy new Month!

Am sure we all know this, but do you know that snacking constitutes up to 30% of our daily chewing?

Just like Breakfast, lunch, dinner, we ought to look at our snacking much closer.

Snacking is the only ‘meal we do not pay much attention to, but if you ever wondered how you manage to put on weight while religiously planning your other meals, check your snacking.

Below are few tips to snack better.

Eat more often

You’ve heard it before. Yes, you’ve got to eat more often during the day. The question is how, do you eat more often? In the same way that you have set times for your meals, you can decide in advance your snacking times during the day. You can snack as much as you want provided that you know the following:

  1. from your own observations, how many times do you snack a day?
  2. Are you snacking because you are genuinely hungry or are you bored or can this feeling of hunger be dissipated by a glass of water or coffee?
  3. what are you gaining from your snacking? sugar hit, more calories or actual nutrients?
  4. Are you pursuing a better snacking life or just want to eat less of what you are currently eating?
  5. Decide in advance and pack you snack portions for each of your snack breaks.

What you gain

Even if you do not change what you are going to eat during your snack breaks, just looking closely at point 1-5 above will help you to reflect on your eating habits. By planning properly, you will:

  1. waste less time choosing your snacking at breaktime,
  2. you save on £££,
  3. you will be more relaxed during your break and actually have a break,
  4. you’ll be able to differentiate the types of hunger you are dealing with throughout the day,
  5. you will become more aware of the junk you actually consume on a daily basis and reduce it.

If you are actually going to pay more attention to your snacking, you may as well make them beneficial to your body right?

COVID had made us more conscious of the importance of our health, 22% more people have switched to a more plant-based diet since the beginning of the pandemic. Health food shop with online deliveries have performed much better than the rest as people took their diet under the microscope; We’ve now realised that our Pre-COVID diet left us naked as the pandemic hit our lives. We want to be ready if anything else shows up.

Voucher valid on miss nang shop online.

So, here are few recommendations for you.

for a better snacking life, plan your snack time and stick to it as much as you can.

  1. Your snacks are an opportunity to drip feed nutrients to our bodies, so choose snack that can help you build up: Natural snacks like nuts & seeds enhanced with natural flavouring and colouring.
  2. only take to your desk the snacks you have prepared for the day, sealed in individual portions.
  3. subscribe to a healthy snack box. That way, you know it is coming every month, all you have to do now is learning to be patient until is time to open a new package.
  4. However many snack you plan a day, do pack a little extra for the time you failed to resist.

Hope all the above are useful to you. Do you have any tips on snacking that you’d like to share with the readers?

Will you be adopting any of the tips above? Please do let me know.

If you can, please do follow Miss Nang Treats on Instagam @miss-nang for more on these topics.

Do join us for Instagram live on Sunday7th March at 6pm. See you there.

Your health, your wealth

Pistachio, turmeric, Nigella seeds – Nang Gellastachios

Welcome to November.

If you like nuts & seeds but they aren’t part of your daily diet yet, this is for you.

Studies show that snacking can represent up to 30% of our daily food intake. It is therefore really important to plan our daily snacks in advance.

Planning a tweak in your food intake can start now or you can start thinking about your new year’s resolutions. Hello 2021!

This is not about dieting. If you’re over 30 years old, you know by now that dieting is like chasing the wind: every year, we start it and fall off just to start again.

I am talk about your Health Wealth. You may not have cottoned on to it yet, but guess what? All your WEALTH, no matter which form it takes is rooted in your HEALTH and you have a part to play in it.

Am sure you knew this, but are you working on it? Will your current diet defend you tomorrow?

One thing COVID-19 has made us more aware of is that a preventative and balanced diet will protect you from a lot. You’ll therefore not be among the firsts victims of random diseases or pandemics.

Protecting your inner body parts will not only keep you healthy, but help you keep a job, play your role in the society and in your circles. So, why not start now? The result isn’t immediate; drip feeding your organism with goodness takes time to build up. Make it a lifestyle habit starting now.

Since my speciality is nuts and more plants-based, below are few recommendations for your brain health, muscles and blood health. Each of them will include the link to one of the snacks on the website. Hope you find them helpful. From there you can look at eyes, gut, nerves, hair and bone health

Drip feed your brain:

Love coffee? Do you know caffeine & antioxidants can protect against Alzheimer?

Broccoli protects the brain against brain damage. Turmeric helps grow new brain cells.

Pumpkin seeds help the brain to function. Walnut is the brain nut par excellence’ with all its nutrients and Omega3. You can also help your brain with Oranges, blueberries and green tea.

Miss Nang treats brain snacks are Scottish Walnuts and Red-O-Pumpkin (click to buy).


Cinnamon Almonds – Nang Cin-Almonds

Drip feed your muscles:

*Protect the muscles: If you exercise, almonds are great nuts to add to your diet as they can be performance enhancers due to their content in magnesium (help muscle movements & boost sporting performance) vitamin E (protects from damages) & B (prevent infections). Eat almonds!

*Help muscles recovery: Cashews, are proven to help reduce cramps and muscle spasms. If you exercise, they are great post workout snack to help muscle recovery.

*Heal muscles: Eat spinach, carrot and sweet potatoes to heal your damaged muscles with their content in Vitamin A. Eat soy products to heal your muscles with their content in vitamin D.

*Regenerate your muscles: Vitamin B12, help your muscles regenerate quickly and promote the fast healing of damaged muscles. B12 are found in animal and do not really have a vegetable source sadly. Vegan can find the supplement in pharmacy.

To start building you muscles health capital, why not start today with the Nang Cin-Almond, or Nang Charco-Al? The Nang Cashew- Beet and Nang Safprika are fantastic snacks to start with (Click to buy).


Miss Nang Vegan seeds trio

Help your blood:

*Increase your blood flow & circulation by using cinnamon in your food. Onion, garlic, lemon and turmeric ARE great helpers of blood flow. Oh and drink a lot of water. Did you know? Not drinking enough water thickens your blood and slows its circulation.

*Increase red blood cells count: Not having enough red blood cells, causes anaemia, chronic fatigue and other complications.

For normal people, increasing the red blood cells is as simple as adding Iron in your food. Eat more beans, raisins, green vegetables.

Top up on folic acids AKA vitamin B9 whenever you can. You find the folic acid in beans, lentils, peas and nuts (pumpkin seeds, cashews, sunflower seeds…)

Why not start your healthier snacking journey with the Nang Red-O-Pumpkin, Nang Safprika or Nang Cashew-Beet? (Click link to buy).



Eat to prevent/reduce inflammations:

Inflammations are part of the body healing system. They happen when the immune system goes into action without visible infection or injury. Arthritis, nerve pains, irritable bowels. Inflammations can go from regular increased pains up to chronic and Neuropathic pains.

To build your capital and also help reduce inflammations, start by cutting down on red meats, trans fats like margarine and deep fried foods as they increase free radicals in he body. Free Radicals trigger inflammations.

To reduce inflammations, add Ginger in your diet, it has an effect on gastro pains and arthritis pains.

Turmeric has an effect on most inflammations, so add it often in your savoury meals.

To reduce inflammations, eat walnuts, pistachios, almonds, peanuts, leafy greens, blueberries and oranges.

Why not start your ‘snack healthier’ journey with some savoury almonds, vanilla peanuts or turmeric pistachios? (Click link to buy).

These are just few ideas to help you start on your journey and tips for researching what you may need to build preventative capital for your body’s functions.

Did you find these useful? Should you have questions, please email

Thank you for reading and for being part of the community.

Hortense, Founder.

Food colouring

October is usually the month when nature deploys its most beautiful colours as autumn settles in. Who doesn’t appreciate those colours? Do you like me actually stop to look at them and appreciate the gradience that can be reflected on one single tree leaf? 

I love colours, my whole life is dictated by colours my food and obviously the range of snacks on this website is full of colours. 

Nuts are notorious for being boring in colours. With Miss Nang Treats, I have made it my mission to beautify nuts and seeds while dressing them with the best flavours that can be added onto them without them losing their Super Food statuses. 

How I come up with the choice of colours and flavours? Day dreaming and observing nature and ingredients.  

The first decision is about what colour is missing from the collection of existing treats.

 Then comes the choice of the main ingredient that will produce the colour aimed at. 

The rest of ingredients and the choice of nuts is based on the leading colour. 

The choice of nut or seed will often depend on their behaviour in contact with liquid. Some nuts are less permeable than others and getting the colour to stay on them is a whole process.  

Whether we end up with a savoury or sweet snack will depend on the behaviour of the nut vis a vis the process. 

One of the snack that challenged me most was the Purple Lime. It took me almost a year and a half to get it right. During the process, I created a savoury snack that I wasn’t looking for before finally make it to the Purple Lime. Each batch still makes me nervous. 

I wasted so many packs of blueberries; I tried them whole, then, just worked with the skin of blueberries (had to wash clean the blueberries skins). Still didn’t work. They were tasty, actually really good, but didn’t look like what I wanted. Blanched almonds are expensive and my colleagues at the time where very happy with anything I turned up with. 

I finally decided to experiment with red cabbage. The problem with that, red cabbage changes colour when overcooked. Arrrrrggghh what a nightmare that was.  

I wanted to stop when I got the Mustard & All, but I was determined to create something purple… it must me sweet. When I kind of got there, stinky sweet red cabbage isn’t the most appealing I was close. All I needed to find now was another flavour the would compliment, but almost dominate the cabbage flavour. That was the lime.
I was in heaven when I found the right formula; purple lime is my proudest creation of the lot. And one of the most expensive of the collection too. Well worth tasting.


The other best discovery is the Nang Safprika, a cashew savoury snack that came about because I was searching for an orange coloured snack. Ingredients include paprika and Saffron. 

Miss Nang Treats is all about healthy and inclusive snacking, colour dictates the process and am glad to say that all the snacks receive fantastic review.

Do look out for the savoury trio special offer coming up this week end.

You are also invite to Instagram live chat this Sunday 4th October at 6pm for more conversation on food colouring and flavours.

Got questions, email Hortense at, follow on twitter and Instagram @Missynang. Facebook @MissNang.

See you next month. �