Food colouring

October is usually the month when nature deploys its most beautiful colours as autumn settles in. Who doesn’t appreciate those colours? Do you like me actually stop to look at them and appreciate the gradience that can be reflected on one single tree leaf? 

I love colours, my whole life is dictated by colours my food and obviously the range of snacks on this website is full of colours. 

Nuts are notorious for being boring in colours. With Miss Nang Treats, I have made it my mission to beautify nuts and seeds while dressing them with the best flavours that can be added onto them without them losing their Super Food statuses. 

How I come up with the choice of colours and flavours? Day dreaming and observing nature and ingredients.  

The first decision is about what colour is missing from the collection of existing treats.

 Then comes the choice of the main ingredient that will produce the colour aimed at. 

The rest of ingredients and the choice of nuts is based on the leading colour. 

The choice of nut or seed will often depend on their behaviour in contact with liquid. Some nuts are less permeable than others and getting the colour to stay on them is a whole process.  

Whether we end up with a savoury or sweet snack will depend on the behaviour of the nut vis a vis the process. 

One of the snack that challenged me most was the Purple Lime. It took me almost a year and a half to get it right. During the process, I created a savoury snack that I wasn’t looking for before finally make it to the Purple Lime. Each batch still makes me nervous. 

I wasted so many packs of blueberries; I tried them whole, then, just worked with the skin of blueberries (had to wash clean the blueberries skins). Still didn’t work. They were tasty, actually really good, but didn’t look like what I wanted. Blanched almonds are expensive and my colleagues at the time where very happy with anything I turned up with. 

I finally decided to experiment with red cabbage. The problem with that, red cabbage changes colour when overcooked. Arrrrrggghh what a nightmare that was.  

I wanted to stop when I got the Mustard & All, but I was determined to create something purple… it must me sweet. When I kind of got there, stinky sweet red cabbage isn’t the most appealing I was close. All I needed to find now was another flavour the would compliment, but almost dominate the cabbage flavour. That was the lime.
I was in heaven when I found the right formula; purple lime is my proudest creation of the lot. And one of the most expensive of the collection too. Well worth tasting.


The other best discovery is the Nang Safprika, a cashew savoury snack that came about because I was searching for an orange coloured snack. Ingredients include paprika and Saffron. 

Miss Nang Treats is all about healthy and inclusive snacking, colour dictates the process and am glad to say that all the snacks receive fantastic review.

Do look out for the savoury trio special offer coming up this week end.

You are also invite to Instagram live chat this Sunday 4th October at 6pm for more conversation on food colouring and flavours.

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See you next month. �

How it started.

Hi! Am Hortense, founder of Miss Nang Treats. Few years ago, I suffered from Desmoid tumours. It was then recognised as a form of cancer a rare one that affected 2 people in a million. Today W.H.O. is still debating while researches continue on this ‘unicorn’.

My first surgery was in 1999, left me with a reconstructed left shoulder. After radiations, the tumour came back more aggressively, and I lost my 1 top rib along with about 40% use of my left arm. I had radiotherapy and chemotherapy and have been clear for a number of years now.

Desmoid is a rare disease and still fairly unknown. Today, it affects up to 4 people in a million. September happens to be Desmoid Awareness month. Info can be found at DTRF. please support the research if you can.

Since my ordeal, my body has never fully recovered I suffer from chronic pains, have a bone density problem, fragile teeth and am heavily anaemic. Am often on medication and do not always absorb nutrients in my food.

My health situation was not caused by my diet, but it has helped me to study and understand food a bit more. I was already a lover of nuts, but looking at them closely, I realised how undervalued these little kernels were.

Looking at what was on offer in supermarkets snacks’ aisles, I realised that many of them had unnecessary additives that could negate their nutritional values. The use of salt was exaggerated and most of them were deep fried.

I wondered why nuts weren’t paraded on golden pedestals for their amazing nutritional values.

Why weren’t they advertised as the superfood that they are? The answer is this:

*In their pursuit of high profits margins, the food industry does not take the time to slow roast nuts, it takes too long.

*Deep frying is easier, the nuts are uniform and oil provides a grip for salt to stick on the nut.

*The manufacturer add more salt because the more you eat, more you want.

This just to name a few reasons. So, there is are aspects of unhealthy-ness in the production of commercial nuts snacks and that is a bit of a dirty secret.

In creating Miss Nang Treats, I wanted the customer to discover the beauty and generosity in nutrients of nuts and seeds in general. I want to help people see how much snacking on none-mass-produced nuts or seeds snacks can be beneficial for their health. I want to encourage people the pay it forward and start including nuts in their snacking routine. A handful of nuts a day keep the doctor away and all that…

Now. I know how boring some nuts can be. They can at times taste like nothing. So, instead of just presenting customers with plain nuts, I apply the principle that parents use to make their children eat vegetables.

I make the nuts beautiful and enhance their taste as well as their already lengthy nutrients list. All done artisanally with a gentler manipulation, so the nuts don’t break or lose their Testa (nut coat) which are often packed full of nutrients. In our fast gain industry, you will often notice that peanuts do not have their Testa, because their manipulation can be an inconvenience.

The flavours from Miss Nang Treats nuts tell a story. They are often unusual and surprising. They make people curious and I am really delighted at every opportunity to tell people about the inspiration to create this or that flavour, the choice of nut, the colour and the ribbon, etc…

The beauty after tasting sessions on markets is to see the surprise on clients faces followed by ‘I never knew this could work with nuts.’ Or ‘I’ve never tasted anything like this.’

Eating nuts and seeds helped me build up on multiple vitamins and nutrients, the colouring and spices I use to transform them are more nutrients added to them and by the time they reach the clients, the snacks are doubly superfoods packed with nutrients a real palate adventure.

My health history resulted in me creating this beautiful range of snacks. Today, I want my customers to benefit from this range and fully enjoy collection while building up their immune system with invaluable nutrients.

There’s an opportunity to taste Miss Nang’s multi-packs at a reduced price on the website.

All are now £10 instead of £15 and all are postage free until 7th September.

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Thank you for your support.

Good bye for now.

What’s a treat?

Like many businesses, Miss Nang Treats has been through the mill. As we relaunch it is with the hope that the rest of this year will turn into something worth writing home about.

Covid19 has given many of us some real food for thoughts. Many of us will change our diet due to the learnings from the pandemic.

People are looking more closely at what they are eating. Many have learnt to cook for the first time and the word TREAT have been given back its true meaning.

What’s a treat? You ask. An event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.

Treats have become so easily accessible that they had become everyday things. Supermarkets store ‘treats’ by truck loads and their non-scarcity made them regular treats, which in turn affected our diet as we struggled with ‘will power’.

Miss Nang Treats’ range really is a treat, their originality, their healthy ingredients and their scarcity make them definitely treats.

Not only that, the range is created to be visual, original and giftable…. Most importantly the whole range was created with health in mind.

More good news, they are plant based and great if looking for a gift for foodies or sweet vegan treats. Buy your friends some healthy nuts and seeds from the range to snack on. They will thank you for it.

At Miss Nang Treats, every snack is made with care and triaged by hand, insuring that all the healthy nuts and seeds nutrients are kept where they should be before they reach the snacker’s hands.

You will be tempted to eat it all at once, but remember, great snacks are to be enjoyed slowly, capturing every single ingredient . Giving your taste receptors break will put them back in neutral and ready to be hit with the next  exciting flavour.

Why not order your first box of nutty quirky healthy nuts snacks today? Visit the Multi-packs offers and start the degustation.

As far as treats are concerned, once you have finished your last order, you have to be patient while you wait for your next order to arrive. Which means, you are less likely to over indulge. Sounds like a plan? Let’s start.

We look forward to receiving your order and also your feedback.

Please do tell us your favourite one so far.

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Thank you for your custom.

Written by Hortense.

Nang Scottish Walnuts

This snack is savoury with a natural bitterness of the walnut enhanced by Scottish Whiskey. Its nuttiness is complimented by double roast Scottish oats. This snack is for foodies and taste seekers who can appreciate the nuances in a slightly bitter but salty foodie’s find. Best served for aperitifs.

This is definitely a luxury snack that will go well with cocktails either at home or in a gourmet bar.

Ingredients: Walnuts, cloves, Scottish whiskey, double roast Scottish oats, Pendja white corns, sea salt.

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Sold in packs of 100g.

Nang Mustard & All


Just like a painter trying to find that ideal colour for his next canvas, when mixing English mustard and purplely red cabbage just because of their strong contrasting colours lead to what is now known as the Mustard & All. “All” being for almonds and all the other ingredients.

While tasting the result of this luxurious rich in flavours savoury vegan snack, it was exciting to have birthed an alternative to the Nang Purple Lime that is as great to enjoy and share with all.

Ingredients: Blanched almonds, red cabbage, English mustard, sea salt, Caraway seeds, spring onions, garlic.

Sold in packs of 100g

In the Savoury taster set

in the 3 Almonds set

Nang Purple Lime

Made with roasted blanched almonds and covered with a red cabbage lime and cardamom fluffly cane sugar work, its taste is definitely unexpected and unique. Each person experiences this snack differently. Even people who hate cabbage have found this snack tasty.

It is visually purple, in taste, depending on palate and nose; you will either firstly taste cabbage that is quickly beaten down by the lime and cardamom.

With this little luxury snack, foodies snackers can definitely brag about having stumbled on this special snack find.

AND as are all the other Miss Nang Treats snacks, this one too is a great vegan treat that is also suitable for your Kosher snackers too.

It means if you are generous, you can share with every healthy snackers except people with nuts allergies of course.

Ingredients: Blanched almonds, soy milk, red cabbage, lime, cardamom, cane sugar, Essex sea salt

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Sold in packs of 100g 

Nang Satay Peanuts

The Japanese call it Satay, Nigerians call stews, in French it is sauce d’arachides. Usually served with rice or boiled yellow or green plantain

The Nang Satay Peanuts was inspired by all the above but its taste is a reminder of a Thai satay sauce with that lime which pierces through all the other ingredients. This one snack will take you through another voyage through your palate as it has become the habit of most Miss Nang treats.

If you are a fan of clean eating and a healthy lifestyle this savoury vegan treat will definitely help you as you indulge in some healthy snacking.

We hope you find it as “adventurous” as its creator find it. Happy snacking! The red ribbon was chosen for this snack because of its strong Asian background.

Ingredients: Peanuts, Garlic, ginger, coconut oil & cream, black pepper, lime juice & zest, stock cube, sea salt.

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Sold in packs of 100g 

Nang CoCafe Hazel

Who does not love the taste of Hazelnuts in desserts especially in French desserts? I do.

The Nang CoCafe Hazel is a lightly roast hazelnut snack recovered with a fantastic exotic and fluffy caramel that will release the taste of coffee (decaf), coconut and sea salt as soon as the nuts starts to crumble under the pressure of teeth.

Coffee haters have been known to fall for this fantastic addictive snack: “I don’t event like coffee, but these are so goooood.” KB

Ingredients: Hazelnuts, cane sugar, sea salt, coconut, decaf coffee.

Here are some nutritional facts about Hazelnut:

  • It is big on fibre… those are great for bowel function easy number 2
  • It is full of antioxidant
  • For your vitamin E top up, look no further
  • Hazelnut apparently can provide up to 30% of the recommended daily intake of folate so if you are prone to anaemia, this is the deal

This truly is a fantastic snack. Like every good think, consume with moderation.

Sold in packs of 100g 

Nang Charco-Al

The Nang Charco-Al – Raw blanched almonds camelised in organic coconut husk charcoal…

It was created to combine the goodness of raw almonds with the cleansing agent that is charcoal.

The Nang Charco-Al is a great addition to the already very colourful Miss Nang Treats collection… In the continuous search to put together goodness, colour and taste, it was just a matter of time before something black showed up in the line-up (first released in October 2017).

The Charco-Al is black in appearance, the taste is sweet with a hint of the fantastic smoked Anglesey sea salt. It does not stop there… as you enjoy the softly barely crunchy-ness of the fluffy caramel coating and start chewing you awaken the background flavours of the orange and nutmeg…

This fantastic adventurous snack is made for the health conscious and the superfoods chasers…

Some nutritional info on the main ingredients:

  • activated charcoal is great for cleansing toxins in the body?
  • Raw almonds apparently prevent overeating and are full of vitamin E
  • You should start eating orange peel as it is full of vitamin C & A… (eat more zest)
  • Nutmeg is another fantastic ingredient used in this snack. It is great for detoxing & for boosting the brain.

The Charco-Al comes packed in see through block bottomed bag, hand tied with ribbons and presented with candied orange rind.

Like the rest of the collection, the Nang Charco-Al is made to order.

Sold in packs of 100g

Nang GellaStachio

The great thing about discovering and choosing new flavours for the range is that it is a total adventure… the result is, this snack transports the eater as he/she tries to work out what that or this little back taste could be…  it is even more exciting to see people enjoy every aspect of the new snack.

The Nang GellaStachio is one fantastic combination of seasoning. The nuts are rubbed in a special paste made with Nigella Seeds, pomegranate powder & turmeric and others and it is well worth the detour. This is a superfood snack with made to blast inflammations.

Ingredients: Pistachios, pomegranate powder, nigella seeds, Anglesey smoked sea salt, garlic, turmeric, vegetable oil.

Here are few nutrients fact:

  • Pomegranate powder taken regularly will boost the immune system, protect the heart and is a great source of anti antioxidant.
  •  Nigella seeds are especially great for the immune system specially for those going through chemotherapy. They are anti inflammatory.
  • Turmeric is THE natural anti inflammatory… great for the gastro intestinal function and fantastic for a healthy skin.

The great thing about this snack is that it is suitable for both carnivores and vegan alike.

Would be great for goody bags and as well as all sorts of events.

Sold in packs of 100g