Award winning plant-based chilli sauce

plant-based chilli award certificate

Last year I launched a range called Kokwa & Mikki by Miss Nang Treats. This week one of the products from the range won a Great Taste Gold star from the Guild of Fine Foods and we are giving you 10% off… 

And by the way, How many award winning plant-based chilli sauces are out there?

The Kokwa & Mikki range which comprises 4 savoury plant-based crackers and 6 plant-based sauces/Condiments & dips was named after my grand-parents Mammy KoKwa and Papa Mikki. The labels for this range has an image of the Ndop, a storytelling fabric from my tribe, the Bamileke tribe of the Cameroonian Grasslands.

Why KoKwa and Mikki? In my family there is a long tradition of people having twins. I’ve always dreamt of having a set of twins. When we have children, we name them after people we want to honour. Sadly at 46, I have no children and the products that I create are my babies, so I named my twin range Kokwa and Mikki,

What’s more. The other reason I wanted to create a plant-based range of crackers with their accompanying dips  is because I had not seen it on the market. Since Miss Nang Treats’ main ingredients are nuts or seeds, I thought it could be a range that demonstrates the many ways to include nuts in our diet without added junk, colourful without chemicals, excessively tasty but identifiable flavours combined in different ways. The chilli that was submitted embodied all that.


About the chilli that won the award, the judges said: This sauce has a glorious deep orange colour with plenty of texture and a level of oil separation that is appealing to us. There is a heady nose – a mix of tomato, garlic, nuts and chilli. On tasting it is vibrant and exciting and very savoury. It is well-rounded but then it has a soothing but warming kick of chilli at the end. The layers of flavour come through with a hint of bitterness but that bitterness is not aggressive. We think this does deliver on taste and is worthy of an award. For a higher one perhaps try and eliminate that hint of bitterness.

The Kokwa and Mikki range was challenging to create, especially the crackers and their different colours. But I am elated that after just 9 months after the launch, this plant-based sauces, condiments, dips and crackers are already winning awards.

For me, this is just the start. Miss Nang’s full range range is very quirky with a number of gems that could be 3 stars taste products.
I am really excited about the future of this range and would like to invite you to join me on the journey.
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See you next time.

Hortense, Founder.