Healthy plant-based sauces and condiments

Plant-based sauces and condiments with herbs in a wooden tray

Sauces and dips

It can be very challenging finding plant-based cooking sauces and condiments that aren’t full of junk or ingredients that are inexplicable/ unpronounceable.

Miss Nang Treats has always been an advocate of healthy plant-based foods with ingredients that can be found everywhere here in England.

Having looked at the plant-based landscape and the amount of junk food that has been carried over, it is no surprise that we end up with another form of unhealthy diet… more junk, just chemically modified from plant molecules… (eye rolling).

If you don’t believe me, go to a vegan/plant-based food exhibition. Just because a cake is called vegan, it doesn’t mean that it has no fat. A cake is a cake, is a cake. Vegan cakes still have sugar, fat and icing in them. So moderation still applies.

Any who. Back the sauces. Do you know? you can still find artisan confectionary, sauces and cooking aids that have not been tempered with? That’s what the Kokwa & Mikki range from Miss Nang Treats is.

The healthy plant-based cooking sauces and condiments are made from scratch with everyday ingredients available in our markets.

Let’s look at the Bitsy Beets Chutney from the Kokwa & Mikki range

Beetroot condiment in square jar

Made with grated fresh beetroot; it is cooked in olive oil with fennel and water chestnuts.
You can use this as condiments for steamed potatoes, rice, chips etc or just add it to a pile of tender stems broccoli.

Plant-Based and environment

Healthy plant-based sauces and condiments don’t have to taste horrible just because they are healthier, they do not need ingredients especially flown from the furthest end of the earth to sound exotic. We can just be more creative with what is here in the UK without overly compromising our carbon footprint.

Miss Nang Treats as an entity has made the decision to buy ingredients locally as much as possible. Often, even exotic ingredients are already available on the territory.

Some businesses think it must be better to import ingredients, but when every expenses is brought together on one sheet, we end up spending more than necessary. Not only that, but importing affects our carbon foot print.

Miss Nang Treats has chosen either to use ingredients harvested in the UK or use ingredients already imported in the UK, thereby, offsetting to a certain degrees the carbon foot print of the importer.

Not only that the sauces and sold in jars that can be returnable the Miss Nang Treats against discount on future purchase.

What’s in it for you?

When transitioning to a more plant-based life, it can be challenging to find things that make life easy. The plant-based sauces & condiments from the Kokwa & Mikki range were created to make life easier those on the start of their journey. The ingredients are familiar, the sauces very colourful with flavours simply out of this world. Mind you, the recipe developer is French, so they are bound to be flavourful.

One absolute fan of the range calls it ‘Life’s saver.’ As a very busy entrepreneur with a full time job and thriving business, Charlotte is a subscriber to the range. She says she doesn’t fret for her dinners or lunches because half of the meals are ready. ‘All I have to do is boil or microwave yellow plantain in the microwave for 10 minutes, add a dollop of Carrot butter or Bitsy beet Chutney and am ready to eat.

The Cream of sunflower seeds is a great sauce to add if cooking a one-pot. Oh and how about the Green chutney as a top for Baked potatoes? These are greats plant-based sauce to have in the fridge. They cut my cooking time by 2/3. I love them says Charlotte.

Plate of vegan food plantain and beetroot

Plate of vegan food plantain and beetroot

And those are the reasons those sauces were created.

Besides being a subscriber, Charlotte has also learnt to save the jars to be recycled through Miss Nang Treats.

‘ I used to through everything away, now I even keep the box so you guys can collect it. Oh gosh, you are turning me into an eco-warrior’.  She says.

We love to hear that because Miss Nang Treats is not only here to feed, but also to educate.

Great News

Miss Nang is launching a plant-based sauces & condiments subscription box in September.

If you’d like to be among the firsts to hear when the go live, please subscribe to the newsletter here…

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