February aphrodisiac

It’s been compared to VIAGRA. Guess what it is.
Promise, I didn’t know.

February is finally heeeeeere! Am just happy because January is over….😍… and tomorrow at some point, your clock will show 02-02-2022… my mission tomorrow will be to capture a souvenir picture… Nutter I know that’s why am the Nutter In Chief.

Anywho! the month of love has arrived. Are you ready for Valentine? Hopefully you bought one of Miss Nang Valentine’s hearts… there are still few available, so check the link https://missnang.com/product-category/valentine/

But, did you know that chilli was an aphrodisiac? Get ready, you’d be surprised. The tub above is a double aphrodisiac condiment as one of the ingredients is an arousal stimulator… 😉
So, get you some and get testing… it has been compared to Viagra you know?… Africans no need help, it is all in the food… no chemical necessary.

Your arousal is not the reason, I added rain forest nuts in this chilli, the taste is simply amazing, the rest… is bonus. Nothing to do with me. 😉

During February, the chilli is limited to 2 per person sorry about that no more 4/5 jars. Be kind, share.

Want some? See link above

Happy February 😉