Miss Nang T&C

Miss Nang Treats Terms & condition

Thank you for your purchase, your custom is appreciated.


*For individuals

For individual customers, the nuts and seeds are generally sold in packs of 100g unless specified in some multi-packs.  the cost per 100g will decrease when more than 10 units of the same snack are purchased, or 1kg of the same snack.

If the snacks are purchased as gifts in a special container (mug, vase, glass etc), the price of the container and the wrapping will be added to the overall cost. Please ask for a quote.

Orders from individuals must be paid in advance unless otherwise discussed. Postage and packaging cost will be added to your purchase.

If unsatisfied, let Miss Nang Treats know ASAP by email at miss-nang@outlook.com.

In case of breakages, a % of your purchase will be refunded; please report ASAP and send a photo with your report to Hortense at Miss-nang@outlook.com.


*Monthly subscribers: 

All monthly boxes are sent on 15 of each month or the next working day. To be included in the next shipping day, please sign up before or by the 10th of each month.

Recurring payments for your subscription will be taken 5 days before the cut off day for each months. after 3 attempts, your subscription will be cancelled if there are no funds to cover your subscription.


Shipping date 15th September

Cut-off date 10th September

  • 1st attempt recurring payment 5th September
  • 2nd attempt recurring payment 7th September
  • 3rd attempt recurring payment 9th September (or next working day)

In case of cancellation, please email miss-nang@outlook.com


*Wedding orders

Each wedding order is priced differently please ask for a quote. Wedding orders require a consultation and  50% deposit on agreement with the rest payable on delivery.

Serving spoons & bowls seen on the wedding page are available for hire for the self-serving favors option.

Deposit: Please kindly note that deposits are non-refundable.


*For delis, cafes, bars and hotels,

50% of the value of the order will be required on agreement and the rest on delivery. Bulk for resale will be on Sale or Return basis (SOR).

Any other details available on request by email to miss-nang@outlook.com.

Shipping, please note: Basic shipping cost of £5 applies to all purchases on the website. Extra ££ required for trackable packages.

Courrier will be used for weddings and business orders.

All business payments to be made by bank transfer. Details will be provided after sale agreed.

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