Miss Nang and sustainability

So. Sustainability. Global goals, recycling, reusing…. Aaaarrrgghhh πŸ™„

How do you feel when you hear these words?

Happy New month. In August, Miss Nang will be translating all that for you. And the special offer this month is the 3 No-Waste snacks of the range. You know them. Among them are the two most popular cashew-Beet and Charco-Al.

So, stay tuned.

Will you stick around?

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Few statement about Miss Nang sustainability promise…

Miss Nang aims to promote Sustainability.
Miss Nang is a business that cares about Climate Change.
Miss Nang is now migrating to Compostable Packaging
Miss Nang Treats is a Sustainable Business.
At Miss Nang Treats Zero Waste is in the DNA.
Where possible ReUse is a must.
Miss Nang jars can be used at Refill shops.
The jars and ribbons can be ReGifted
ReCycling is a must!
#Regrow is a game widely promoted on Miss Nang Instagram page

WasteNot ReUse is the new sister Instagram page, please follow.
Made In Britain.