Bitsy Beet chutney

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Bitsy Beet Chutney: This is a fantastic plant-based cooking sauce which can be used as a condiment as well as a sandwich base. Was created to be paired with the Maris Piper crackers.

Just add on plain cooked grains. Great with rice, buckwheat or qinoa when you don’t really fancy cooking a full meal. 

Works well with slightly seasoned chicken or tofu. You can also add it to the mix when making soy mince cakes (a bit like fish cakes). –  Bitsy Beet can be eaten hot or cold.

Recipes available.

Ingredients: Fresh beetroot, water chestnuts, onions, celery greens, Tomato, fennel. White pepper,

 vegan stock, olive oil,  Cornish sea salt. (condiment).

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