About Us

In 2016, Hortense created Miss Nang Treats for 3 reasons:

  • As a nuts’ lover, she couldn’t find brands that delivered what she needed in a snack: safe, healthy, natural, colourful and flavourful without being overwhelming.
  • She wanted  snacks that could be liked by non-vegans and be shared with vegans, a unifying brand of snacks.
  • She wanted a business in case her health got worse. At the time she suffered with horrible chronic neuropathic pain and was heavily drugged. (Hortense has suffered twice from a rare form of cance that has left her with a missing upper rib and a disability on her left arm).

Today, 7 years later Miss Nang Treats is a recognised artisan gourmet and award-winning plant-based snack business.

Building the business while suffering from chronic neuropathic pains hasn’t been easy. The business operated on a shoestring completely depending on the owner’s good health days’; This meant the business was a side hustle for many years. But along the way Hortense discovered the many benefits of the snacks she created on her own health.

She started to notice and looked closely at the healing and restorative powers of nuts and seeds.

Discovering that many nuts and ingredients that she used in the brand were brimming with antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammation properties was a complete surprise to her.

What started as fun became much more interesting as she started to focus more on the healing powers of her own snacks. Today, the neuropathic pains have almost gone and Hortense is convinced without the shadow of a doubt that adding more nuts and seeds in your diet is absolutely essential for good health.

Along with the snacks, Hortense has also recently written a cookbook – Plant-Based Ideas For Carnivores – to help her clients be more creative with as they discover plant-based cooking.

Miss Nang Treats won many awards including: ‘Most Inclusive Brand of snacks, UK’ in 2020 and the most covetted Guild of FineFood Great Taste Award in 2022.

In the last 12 months, Hortense and Miss Nang Treats has been featured in Speciality Food magazine, The Independent on Sunday, Daily express, Health & Wellbeing magazine, Conscious Being magazine, Confectionary magazine, MetroLifeStyle and the Financial Times.

See below a selection of Miss Nang Treats’ snacks, now also available in premium & plastic-free version on  BuyBritain.com.


A selection of Miss Nang Treats

Here is a comment from a customer who tried the taster pack: “they are absolutely stunning. My favourite are the cashews nuts and almonds and almonds and the vanilla peanuts too! I love them all. They are dangerously delicious”. D, Mitcham.

“Each product of the range is created with health in mind; the ingredients are carefully chosen to add a “superfood” quality to the nut or seed, which on their own are already super healthy and superfoods.” Said Hortense.

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