About Us

Am Hortense Julienne the founder of Miss Nang Treats and food has always been my passion. With Miss Nang Treats, am offering you a new concept of luxury nuts and seeds based snacks. Every snack in the range is suitable to all including dairy & meat lovers, wheat intolerants, gluten-free, vegans lifestyles as well as people following a paleo diet.

The story:

For years, I perfected the now known as Nang Sweet Pea-Original and had made those caramelised nuts my signature gift for all occasions.

The nuts were not just in simple packets as you’d find in supermarkets. The difference here was that they were always presented in the most original containers specially chosen for the person who the gift was for. The chosen container would always be useful even long after the nuts were eaten; a beautiful, vase, a mug, a rare jar or bottle etc.

Those who received the presents many times asked why I did not

commercialised the snacks. In 2016 I decided that it was time I took it wider and maintain the artisanal aspect. Miss Nang Treats is for now a solo enterprise based in Croydon. Most sales are done online &  through independent cafes. The snacks are made to order and presented in ready giftable packages.

Here is a comment from a customer who tried the taster pack: “they are absolutely stunning. My favourite are the cashews nuts and almonds and almonds and the vanilla peanuts too! I love them all. They are dangerously delicious”. D, Mitcham.

Each product of the range is created with health in mind; the ingredients are carefully chosen to add a “superfood” quality to the nut or seed, which on their own are already super healthy and superfoods. 

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