Plant-Based Ideas for Carnivores – The eBook



You’ve asked for it, now it is here; a collection of plant-based recipes for food explorers and those slowly switching to a more plant-based diet.

As you know, Miss Nang Treats is all about snacking healthier and with purpose.

Snacking healthier is the start of the journey. To help you consider including more plant-based eats in your diet, “Plant-Based Ideas for Carnivores” was created to give you ideas to work with as you work on expanding your cooking repertoire. Sneak Peak here.

In this collection of recipes, you’ll find ideas for your Starters, Mains, Desserts, breakfasts and snacks. All made without meats, dairy or any animal nor insect derivatives.

This collection is a journey that I really hope you’ll enjoy walking through.

You’ll get your ebook, in your inbox  just after check out.

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