More reasons to love cashews

Cashews… There are many reasons to love them even more…

Cashews are mostly enjoyed for their rich and creamy taste and their nutritional benefits. Here are some reasons why cashews are good:

They are nutrient-dense: Cashews are packed with important nutrients such as protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. They are particularly rich in magnesium, which is important for bone health, nerve function, and heart health.

Heart-healthy: Cashews contain healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which can help lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Antioxidant-rich: Cashews are a good source of antioxidants, which help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.

Satisfying: Cashews are a good source of protein and fiber, which can help keep you feeling full and satisfied, making them a great snack option for curbing hunger between meals.

How Miss Nang Treats can support you?

If you are reluctant to eat more of the raw stuff. Miss Nang has created ways for you to vary the way you enjoy the cashews in their plant-based range of snacks: The pink Cashews are suitable for vegans and are made with beetroot.

The savoury cashews are rehydrated and roasted with saffron and paprika with freshly cracked black pepper. This means you can have fun with your favourite healthy plant based snacks without ingesting junk.

Bonus: they look good and are easily sharable so you can invite others along to join you on your quest to healthier snacking habits.

Added bonus:  you can also take on a nuts subscription box! which means you won’t even have to shop for them every month as they will just land, freshly made on your doorstep.

Oh and remember, everything in moderation of course.

Don’t know where to start?

Try the duo below, then take it from there….

Eat More Nuts – Love cashews

Orange cashews, pink cashews and cinnamon almonds in glass jars

Nuts are a healthy snack choice because they are rich in essential nutrients and healthy fats. Here are some reasons why nuts make a healthy snack:

#High in protein: Nuts are a good source of plant-based protein, making them a filling and satisfying snack.
#Rich in healthy fats: Nuts contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease and #improve cholesterol levels.
#High in fiber: Nuts are high in fiber, which can help regulate digestion and promote feelings of fullness.

Packed with vitamins and minerals: Nuts are a good source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium.
Low in carbs: Most nuts are low in carbs and high in healthy fats, making them a good option for people following a low-carb or keto diet.
Versatile: Nuts can be eaten on their own as a snack or used in recipes for added flavor and nutrition.
Some examples of healthy nuts to snack on include almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, and hazelnuts. When choosing nuts as a snack, it’s important to keep portion sizes in mind, as nuts are high in calories. A small handful of nuts (about 1-2 ounces) is a good serving size for a snack.

Let’s Focus on Cashews in particular, one of my favourites and most popular here in the UK.

Pink cashew in a serving bowl with mini paper cup

Pink cashew in a serving bowl with mini paper cup

Cashews are a very versatile nut that can be used in a variety of ways in cooking and baking.

Here are some examples:
#Snacking: Cashews are a great snack on their own or mixed with other nuts or dried fruit.
#Nut butter: Cashews can be made into a smooth and creamy nut butter that can be used as a spread or in recipes that call for nut butter.
#Vegan cheese: Cashews can be used as a base for making vegan cheese or as a topping for salads or pasta dishes.
#Baking: Cashews can be ground into a flour and used in gluten-free baking recipes.

#Curry: Cashews can be added to curry dishes for creaminess and texture.
#Stir-fries: Cashews can be added to stir-fries for crunch and flavor.
#Desserts: Cashews can be used as a base for making vegan cheesecakes, ice cream, or other desserts.

Overall, cashews are a delicious and versatile nut that can be used in many different ways in food production.

If you are looking to include them in your diet and don’t know where to start, why not check out Miss Nang Store here.
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Special edition Valentine’s Hearts (plant-based)

Hello Nuts lovers,

These hearts were first released last year and are back this year due to their popularity.

Miss Nang Treats special Valentine Hearts are made using the ingredients from the 3 most popular Miss Nang snacks: Cashew-BeetNang Charco-Al and CocafeHazel.

In the Pink Valentine heart, made with the Cashew-beet, the based holding it all together is a Miss Nang special soft cocoa mix with hazelnut, coconut cream and oat milk… a combination that will make you really feel guilty, but it is a special occasion, right?

In the Black Valentine heart,  the Nang Charco-Al is held together with the same soft cocoa mix, but this time the strongest flavour is orange, coming from the bits of saffron infused candies rinds you can see darted in between the black almonds.Both come in beautifully packed boxes finished with a red ribbon and tiny white rose.

Miss Nang valentine hearts are vegan, made without artificial colouring or chemical ingredients. Which means they have a very short life span. This also means that they are made just 3 days before posting day… Hurry, order yours ASAP. As you can see all the elements for a beautiful Valentine gift are there. All you have to add is a bottle of sparkly, some roses and a card for him or her.This is a limited and exclusive edition valentine treat, do not miss out.

Please order by 4th February. All orders will be sent on 6th February only.

Are you sending these to a different address? would you like to add a note, happy to add a card for free. Just add a message at check out.

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Women over 40

I am the Nutter in Chief (newsletter signature). Lol.
Hey am Hortense, I just wanted to reintroduce myself.
I am 47 years old and I celebrated the day I saw my first white hair. I am a life lottery winner as I survived Desmoid tumors (rare disease) twice. I suffered from Chronic Neuropathy for over 15 years. Today I am excited because I feel like I am almost fully awaken to a new start in life.

Cashew-Beet and cashew SafPrika jars

I started Miss Nang Treats because I couldn’t find healthy TASTY nutty snacks on supermarket shelves. I didn’t want them to be too harsh to the taste or to the bite. So, I started making my own. I wasn’t always strong enough to cook all my foods from scratch, so I often made Pre-prepared sauces That I could juje up anything with at work and after work… These sauces are today known as the Kokwa & Mikki range.

Often women over 40 are the forgotten section of society especially if you’ve had health challenges. The one area we can take charge of ourselves is in how we care for the machine that we call our bodies… I decided to refocus on that because of what I went through.

Caring for our bodies starts with what we put in and the environment in which we live. That is why Miss Nang Treat’s overall message includes healthy eating, the environment and sustainability.
Plant-based sauces and condiments with herbs in a wooden tray

Sauces & dips

Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean bland or forced eating. Food can be clean, colourful, green and enjoyable. This is demonstrated in the range of snacks, sauces/dips & crackers proposed. You can also create your by trying out recipes in ‘Plant-Based Ideas For Carnivores‘ the cookbook released in 2021.

The environmental & sustainability message doesn’t need to be restrictive, heavy or aggressive either. We can help the ecosystem by planting and maintaining herbs & fruist bushes on our balconies, reduce our single plastic uses, wasting less food and favouring local food producers/local makers.
One example: favouring local fruits producers for example means that there won’t be chemical on/in them to keep them looking prim during long transits. By consuming local, you do not contribute to the high carbon footprint, contribute to enrich your locality.
In the same example, fruits covered/injected with chemicals end up leaving residues in the consumer body, that’s YOU.. The trucks transporting the same fruits long distance release pollution in our city’s air, which end up giving us respiratory diseases…

So, as people with already fragilized bodies, we must do our bit through the choices  we make.  That’s why I do what I do.
Most ingredients used and promoted by Miss Nang Treats have been harvested or processed in the UK. In 2021 along with the celebration of Glasgow2021, Miss Nang plastic packaging were replaced with glass jars and NatureFlex wood pulp imitation plastic.
Not only that, I often create series of contents related to Plastic-Free July to encourage little changes at individual levels to make sustainability attainable. See example on Zero waste orange here.
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Christmas 2022 – last minute shopping

Currently in stock for just £5 each.

Delivery or pick up between 20 & 23 December.

(Please note: due to postal strikes these deliveries only apply to London and greater London)

Single nuts & seeds packs

Cashew beet £5 SOLD OUT

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Plantain Crackers £5 SOLD OUT

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Black rice crackers £5 SOLD OUT

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Bitsy beet & Maris Piper crackers £10 SOLD OUT

Carrot butter & Black rice crackers w/ Ginger drink £13 SOLD OUT

Cream of sunflower seeds & Plantain crackers W/Hibiscus drink £13 SOLD OUT





Cashews Duo £20

Take your pick, send me the list and make payment via

Lets confirm delivery date,

Meet Charlotte the subscriber

Discover Miss Nang Subscription boxes. More than helping you improving you life style, you also learn to treat you envirment better. Both ontributing to a better life.
This week, I’d like to introduce you to Charlotte, Miss Nang Treats first  ever monthly  snack box  subscriber.
Charlotte, a South Londonner, is a 45 year old married mother of 3 that has been addicted to sugary stuff for years. She was looking for something to help her get off her sugar craving and eat better. 
Charlotte has been a subscriber for 2 whole years now. With me walking alongside her, Charlotte gained the following:
  1. She learned to snack better. It was progressive with many fails and learning.
  2. She decided to become vegan and switched her nuts subscription to cooking sauces (you don’t have to)
  3. As an Abel & Co subscriber, she has learnt to waste her vegetables
  4. She’s also learnt to recycle her jars and more.
How? Let’s go through her journey.
She learnt to snack better… Instead of continuously buying the chemical laden sweets as she used to, she took a subscription of the nuts and seeds collection. The box came with sweet and savoury snacks. As you’d guess, the sweet ones always went first, then she was forced to eat the savoury. Since she didn’t like the savory much she asked that her subscription only came with the sweet nuts. The only problem was that they never lasted the whole month. But at least, she couldn’t reorder before her next box as I’d know (not that I am policing or anything…).
Miss Nang treat isn’t all about money and creating another form of addiction. so I am very much against creating addicts with my products. I say that in all my live videos. Since this client was determined to do better having heard my health challenges, she was ready to be coached through a healthier snacking life. Two weeks ago she proudly announced to me that she had managed to make her last pack of cashew-beet last a whole week. I feel like a proud mama. It means less sales, but at least people are going back to the real definition of having a treat.
Note: Your subscription can be upgraded, downgraded or you can change the content of your box after your first trimester. 
As Miss Nang is a small business, you can choose how to communicate with me. It is important for me to maintain a human to human relation and provide you with the best possible experience.

One pot dinner with Sunflower & Mushroom cooking sauce

2. She decided to take on a vegan challenge a year ago and still on it a year and a half on.
Due to a spiritual challenge (see book of Daniel, Christian bible), Charlotte decided to go on a vegan journey just as Miss Nang was starting to develop the Kokwa & Mikki range early 2021. In February, we discussed her new journey and Charlotte switched her subscription to half  nuts and half the cooking sauces & crackers. She tested almost all the test versions of the Kokwa & Mikki range. As a busy business woman with no time to cook, the Kokwa and Mikki sauces allowed Charlotte to have vegan hot meals without having to think too much. Her diet became even more varied than before with some suggestions from me. Charlotte has since recommended the sauces to many people who have come to her house for dinner and discovered the hassle free cooking aids. Not only can she use the sauces for her main meals, she can also use them for her sandwiches.
Sandwich meal image
Note: As a VIP/Subscriber, you will often receive off-Listing snacks and gifts. Miss Nang is forever experimenting, so you might sometimes have snacks that you have not ordered. Moss Off-Listing comes from customised wedding favours and seasonal products.
Not only that, every quarter, subscribers are entitled to free branded merchandise of edibles from other small businesses.
Purple and gold product image
3 She no longer wastes her Abel & Co vegetables.
One of the great advantages of being a small business with a heart is that there is space to build real relations with the regular customers. The relationship can go as far as the client wants it to. 
As a Abel & Co subscriber, Charlotte and I have often discussed how to creatively use vegetables from her Abel & Co subscription box in conjunction with the Kokwa & Mikki cooking sauces.  
Having often participated to my live videos on sustainability, she has also learnt to  revive dried up vegetables and get her sprouted vegetables collected by local allotment owners using the Olio App.
Our environment impacts our health, so I am keen on helping as many people as possible to join the journey and do their part.
4 She has learnt to recycle and more…
If you follow Miss Nang treats on Instagram and if you have read a number of these newsletters, you will have noted that sustainability and sustainable living are one the top 3 USP of Miss Nang Treats. Not only compostable imitation plastic use is encouraged, but glass jars can also be sent back to based against a discount  on future purchases.
Charlotte never used to recycle, through coaching and other activities, every six month she receives up to  £5.00 back in her account  for having returned the jars & lids. She has not caught the re-planting bug yet, but many others have. As mentioned above, Charlotte is now on Olio, a sharing app. This App helps her limit what she actually bin from food to decorative items. The olio app was created to help people exchange and share all sort within their own community in a 5 miles radius. I highly recommend it.
Note: The Olio App has been very helpful for communities since the pandemic. People with extra cooked or dry food are able to share their excesses, supermarkets also share their excesses through Food Waste Heroes. The FWH or Food waste Heroes collect supermarket excess (incl. Display by, use by date) of fresh or baked goods, then redistribute to the community through the Olio app. All done without exchange of money. You can be a giver or a receiver ont he app and list you extra mugs, old jars, sofa and even wine if you are going sober.
As you can see, becoming a subscriber forsters deeper relations and growth. As a community volunteer with a particular interest in sustainability and healthy eating, I am able to share with you ideas on how to start or grow in your journey if you want to.
If you’d like to become a subscriber, please check out the models available here.
Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to hit the reply button.

We are celebrating SIX years

 Miss Nang Treats turned 6 yesterday. Visit  to see all the celebratory posts and the Live video.

What a journey it has been. Already four Food & Dinks awards including the most coveted Guild Of Fine Food star for a product launched only a year ago. We are not going to forget the many many printed media coverage including the Financial times, Wellbeing Magazine the Independent, the Daily Express AND Speciality Food magazine, as well as Confectionary magzine 2 well thought of industry magazines. See few articles below.

The Financial Times – Article in Financial times

The Independent – British Sandwich Week_ Five unusual sarnies to perk up your WFH lunch _ The Independent

Confectionary Magazine – Sweet Talk_ Hortense Julienne, Founder & CEO of Miss Nang Treats – IC

Forbes Online – Why Being A Jack Of All Trades Is Essential For Success

Daily express – Orange peels – From scrumptious! – Kim Jones  

Miss Nang Treats is quirky, but has health & environment in mind for every product created. See enviroment related articles below:

What small businesses want from COP26 _ Enterprise Nation

Sustainable businesses_ the pros, cons and the future – The Vegan Review

Plastic free – Why plastic packaging persists_ A view from the food industry

This is reflected in the ingredients used in the production of every snack created. Where possible (often), the ingredients are harvested in the UK and contain zero chemicals or refining.

The packaging is an imitation plastic made with wood pulp and home compostable. Any jar can be returned to Miss Nang Treats against a coupon to use on your next online order.


As we celebrate our anniversary throughout  this month, the most popular snacks chosen during various tasting sessions will allp be sold at just £5.00 each.

Allowing some of you to discover the brand and  others to stash up for their Christmas stockings.

The snacks on offer can be seen here

These are reasons why you should take advantage of this £5.00 offer:

  1. If you are making gift hampers, nuts, seeds and crackers are very practical because they last longer. Anything made in November will be best before 31st January.

  2. If you are having a Christmas spread, you will already have a starting set and will be ahead in planning that part of your festive season.

  3. You can stash them away for those people you never think of, who turn up unannounced. Shove a few packs in a gift bag with a card, et VOILA!

And because we are celebrating, every order over £30.00 will come with a gift, even the subscription boxes.

We hope you have enjoyed being part of thin incredible journey.

Do you have any question? email, follow on twitter & Instagram @MissyNang.

Subscription boxes can help build good habits

Subscription boxes are a reminder to keep going.

If you are taking on new habits, subscribe to something related to keep you going…

Do you sometimes struggle to stay organised and stick to routines?

How do you bring yourself back on track if you fall off the routine?
For some people, reminders set to automatically show up at certain times help. Email reminders to attend the gym class, reminders to book a selfcare time. For other things, email reminders will not work. For example eating healthy, eating more vegetables and snacking healthier and with purpose. For that, Subscription boxes are the solution.
As we set in for the winter season, our rhythms drop a bit. We become a bit more uncontrollable with our diet, a bit more chocolates here, more doughnuts there, pies and sweets everyday. But that can be curbed and even reduced with one decision and a small amount of discipline.
For those looking to eat more vegetables and don’t know where to start, a veggie box subscription is the best solution: Every month, a selection of curated vegetables from Abel & Co lands on you door step and all you have to do if find the way to turn them into food for your family. 
You get to discover new vegetables and learn to cook more creatively. Since the box lands week/month, you become accustomed to some vegetables that you have learnt to love and can now fetched in the supermarket or fruits & veggies market.
For those looking to snack better, many services like Miss Nang Treats and Graze offer subscription models that will land in your post box at regular intervals.
The beauty about subscription boxes is that they on the long run actually help you save £££ as well as helping you remain disciplined. That certainly the case with Miss Nang Treats boxes. How?
  1. With a subscription box you stop going to the corner shop every hour looking for the next sugar hit. Imagine how much money you could save.
  2. You reduce your junk intakes because having chosen the content of your snack box you have become more conscious of the amount of unclean food you used to consume.
  3. If it is a curated box with  a mixed selection of treats, there is always excitement because you never know what will be included, therefore broadening your horizons as well as training your palate to enjoy better quality ingredients.
  4. With a snacks subscription box, you always have a gift ready to give away.
  5. Bonus, as they land monthly, they remind you of your promise to snack better.
  6. You learn to discipline yourself: Since some of your favourites aren’t easily accessible, you pace yourself so the treats will last longer. And if they do run out, well, you just have to seat and wait until the next box lands.
  7. Last but not least. Often, items in subscription boxes end up being cheaper than if bought individually.
  8. Added bonus, upon signing up, some entry offer start cheaper for the first month.  So take advantage AND Miss Nang Treats boxes are all postage free.
  9. Always look for a subscription you can cancel at any time if you are not enjoying the process… remember every routine has to have an element of fun. no one enjoys being in a stray jacket.

If you feel you are going to get bored adopting a new routine alone, why not invite a friend along?
So, what do you think of this idea of subscribing to something in order to maintain a routine?
post your comments below.

Cost of living crisis – Cook in advance with night tarifs

Cheaper energy tarif will save you hundreds of pounds, just trade it with some sleep.

Using night time energy tarif to do the most energy consuming activities might just be the best solution so far.

Forgive me if all the blogs are centered on food, but food is LIFE literally, food IS health, food is WEALTH… Without food, there is no health, without health, there is no work, no quality of life, no wealth!

When I was in full time work, my food used to bring the best smell in the office’s kitchen… Am not bragging I promise.

My colleagues who had been queuing to get their meals at lunch time used to be envious as I sat pretty leisurely enjoying my seemingly long lunch hour.

By being prepared, I enjoyed my full lunch time, ate a balance meal, save money and even went out for a walk post lunch! This led me to create the sauces and dips you now see sold here!

SAVING money requires preparation.

During the weekends, I used to prepare jars of sauces I would use during the week and that would save me money.
How? I hear you ask.

Preparing sauces during the weekend means that you are using weekend tariff (electricity & gas) to prepare your food.

During the week end, you have the time to visit your local outdoors markets for great quality fresh fruits and vegetables. You can create sauces and chop others for the freezer.

After using great energy at a cheaper rate (evening and weekend rates can be up to 2/3 cheaper) to prepare your sauces (which to be honest take the most effort) you can just boil rice, pasta, potatoes etc and mix in your sauces.

Plate of vegan food plantain and beetroot

Steamed broccoli topped beetroot chutney with a side of fried yellow plantain

Your cooking time will be reduced by at least half and you’d be at the dinner table faster with a delightful aroma filling the room without you breaking a sweat.

If you still work from an office, you can defrost your fresh veggies overnight, in the morning prepare your lunch bowl by mixing to the vegetables a dollop of your pre-made sauce, mix, add finely cut potato.

At lunch time, while everyone goes out to queue and spend a fortune, your meal is ready in 10 minutes and you can enjoy your lunch time leisurely.

HOW MISS NANG sauces can help you here?

– One. You do not have to go shopping, chop the veggies or cook the sauces yourself.
See one the early adopters Natasha, a busy business coach saying exactly that! Click here to watch the clip.

– Two. The sauces are made fresh with great quality ingredients so you can really have that homemade (but cook by someone else feeling). Are you like me, do you sometimes crave food cooked by someone else? It tastes different right?

– Three. You save time and energy costs because, even veggies bought frozen are made to sing by the sauces from the Kokwa & Mikki range… This is not a lie.

All you have to do, is defrost the veggies (from £1), and add your dollop of sauce, a whole yellow plantain, ready in 15 minutes in the microwave.

If you’ve never tried the sauces from the Kokwa & Mikki range please check them out here or some individual sauce and chutneys. There are 6 in total that can be used as cooking sauces, condiments and spreads…

Hope you have found some elements of this message useful and will try implementing them.

As you can see, living sustainably can save you some £££, it mostly takes planning and patience.

One last thing… Cooking meat will use up a lot of your energy allowance….


Let me know what you think.

Hortense Julienne