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Hello, Thank you for visiting Miss Nang Treats.

If you like nuts, seeds and other tiny treats  like we do, you have arrived to your destination. You will find here nuts and seed like you have never seen them… on a golden pedestal. All the snacks here are created to impress, enjoy and give… (yeah #EatNuts, #GiveNuts, #FuelledByNuts).

Please check out the gifts page to see what can be done for you with the Nang Sweet Pea for example. Send us an email and let’s discuss what you are after. These are candied or roast nuts and they are to die for…

see the special offers page here

On this website, you will also see how a number of treats here including the Nang Sweet Pea original can replace wedding favors… click here to see some examples.

Cafés, bars, delis, hotels and other businesses can purchase the products here for resale (SOR) or own use please fill the contact form to send through your enquiry and it will be dealt with as soon as possibles

All Miss Nang Treats found here are suitable for vegans.

Want to know how all this came about? Check out the About Miss Nang Treats page.


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