Why are nuts good for you?

Why are nuts good for you? Did you used to mock vegans & vegetarians for eating so much nuts and seeds? Do you still do? Do you often look for the ONE snack that is going to solve (ALMOST) all your issues with snacking? You should consider nuts and seeds. More than most snacks, nuts […]

Is sustainable living expensive?

Short answer. NO. Do your research. Read below, add a comment if it makes sense. You have got to save this blog. ***** Living sustainably can in the long run saves you some serious cash. Light bulb. We are so used to our 60 watts at £1.00 at the pound shop. But did you know, […]

Miss Nang and sustainability

So. Sustainability. Global goals, recycling, reusing…. Aaaarrrgghhh 🙄 How do you feel when you hear these words? Happy New month. In August, Miss Nang will be translating all that for you. And the special offer this month is the 3 No-Waste snacks of the range. You know them. Among them are the two most popular […]

Miss Nang snacks are for you if

Happy July! As we enter a new quarter, I thought I’d reintroduce, Charlotte Miss Nang’s favourite client, the person Miss Nang Treats was created to serve. Are you a Charlotte? 👉A woman between 30-45, she is ageless. 💕Clean eater: in recent years, she has had the desire to be more careful about what she eats: […]


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