Meet Charlotte the subscriber

Discover Miss Nang Subscription boxes. More than helping you improving you life style, you also learn to treat you envirment better. Both ontributing to a better life.   This week, I’d like to introduce you to Charlotte, Miss Nang Treats first  ever monthly  snack box  subscriber.   Charlotte, a South Londonner, is a 45 year […]

We are celebrating SIX years

 Miss Nang Treats turned 6 yesterday. Visit  to see all the celebratory posts and the Live video. What a journey it has been. Already four Food & Dinks awards including the most coveted Guild Of Fine Food star for a product launched only a year ago. We are not going to forget the many many […]

Subscription boxes can help build good habits

Subscription boxes are a reminder to keep going. If you are taking on new habits, subscribe to something related to keep you going… Do you sometimes struggle to stay organised and stick to routines? How do you bring yourself back on track if you fall off the routine?   For some people, reminders set to […]


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