Nang Cashew SafPrika

Made with Cashew, Saffron. Paprika and cracked pepper and salt. There are many ways of making this beautiful orangy colour happen. The tastes and colours can be just external or they can be allowed to penetrate the nuts and colour them in and out.

The saffron has an effect in anything it comes in contact with and so is the paprika.
This combination with the cashew nut turns out to be simply a surprise with a very subtle taste of both primary ingredients as well as the cracked pepper just about detectable without being distracting to all cashew lovers.

The colour as well as all ingredients used are natural as well as of course packed of vitamins… Much needed in a vegan lifestyle. An essential in vegan snack collection.
No extra dust or oil to wipe off your hands after eating these as they come dust free.
I love these and in particular the colours they bring to the fantastic animals free snacks range.

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The Cashew SafPrika is sold by packs of 100g or as gift beautifully wrapped in careful chosen jewel boxes, mugs or bottles (below). Made to order depending on who the gift is for.


The SafPrika costs £5.00 per 100g price negotiable depending on quantity ordered. Made to order to avoid wastage. All payments  requested in advance.

Sold in packs of 100g, 500g & 1kg.

Happy to take orders for Wedding Favours, engagement parties, goody bags etc…

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Nang Cin-Almond

EVERY one loves almonds! In powder form for baking, plain raw for snacking and flakes for cake decorations.

IMG_20170309_1718123Let us introduce you to the Nang Cin-Almond! Oh my! It is even more addictive than the Sweet Pea – Original or Cashew-Beet!

The almonds are very lightly roasted and their beautiful brown skin is covered with cinnamon flavoured sugar foam made with almond milk…

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This is such a great snack to have handy. It is sweet, but not “guilty sweet” way. The salt added to it is barely detectable, but adds to the exceptional taste of this snack.

IMG_20170311_1512153Did you know? Almonds on their own are considered a super food?! Now, read this! Cinnamon too, is a wonder spice full of Manganese, antioxidants, vitamin A, C, E, K, B6? If you are looking for a wonders or super food snack, this is IT! Stop the search.

Ingredients: Alamonds, Almond milk, Salt, sugar & cinnamon.

DSC09886The Nang Cin-Almond is part of the taster pack above, so, try it as soon as possible. Don’t forget to feedback.


100g = £5.00  –  200g = £10 –  500g = 20.00  –  1kg = £35.00

IMG_20170311_1505039Wedding favours = quote on demand.

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Nang Vee-Cornish


The Nang Vee-Cornish is a more flavoured version of the Sweet Pea – Original.

The ingredients are : Peanuts, Cornish sea salt, cane sugar, oat milk and Tahitian* Vanilla. The Vee-Cornish is a very surprising combination of ingredients.

How often has anyone come across a vanilla & peanuts mix? Here, given the lightness of the roasting of the peanuts, their usual strong taste is restrained and so giving space to the vanilla to come through on the palate.

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DSC09851Just like the Nang Sweet pea, the nut is roasted to the point where it cracks under the effortless pressure of the teeth almost like a macadamia nut.

The sugar? Is barely there as it is used at its foamy state. And then, there is the Cornish sea salt which… Well you will just have to work that out for yourself as you purchase your first pack of Nang vee-Cornish.

This product can be utilised in the same way as the original version; gift, wedding favours, goody bags. Think about offering them at your parties, wedding, baby showers, and birthday’s celebrations.

The Vee-Cornish combination has health benefits aplenty. Not only with the peanuts skin and it content in iron, antioxidant, but also with the oat milk which is a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Caution: this snack is to be enjoyed in a quiet room, in hiding and without distractions. Highly addictive and moreish.

Get it in the “Originals” Taster Pack here… it is FREE POST!

The Nang Vee-Cornish is sold at £2.50 per 100g based on quantity. Other pack size include 200g, 400g, 500g,  1kg (prices below) as well as wedding favour size.

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100g = £3.50

200g = £7.00

500g = £15.00

1kg = £25.00

Goody bag size & Wedding favours = quote on demand.

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*Vanilla origin may change based on weather devastation in countries where they are cultivated. Origin may vary between, Ugandan, Guadeloupean or Tahitian vanilla.

Nang Sweet Pea – Original


This product was was created and perfected over 12 years originally as a gift for friend’s and family… This is the first ever of the line, fantastic for anyone exploring veganism and the vegan or gluten-free lifestyle, but great for sharing no matter your type of diet!

The Nang Sweet Pea – Original snack is made with the smallest kind of peanuts which has the deepest red skin. As opposed to the biggest and pinkest variety, these smallest peanuts are naturally the sweetest. Their deep red robe is full of the same antioxidant you find in red wine and yes just as the red wine, they do have a very slight but detectable bitterness.

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The Nang Sweet Pea is roasted and covered in a slight cane sugar foam. They are light and kind to the most sensible tooth, crunchy, sweet but, not too much with a hint of salt.

They are moreish and am afraid unfortunately very very very addictive. They are fantastic for the digestive system, suitable for all including Vegans and gluten-free!

Ingredients: Peanuts, sea salt, cane sugar.

on various pages of this website you will see that they can be offered in replacement of wedding favors, as gift for special occasions or simply for snacking.

The Nang Sweet Pea is made to order and sent to you fresh. Also part of the Taster Pack.

In addition the the Sweet Pea, the Taster Pack includes the Cin-Almond, Cashew-beet, Vee-Cornish.

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Warning: this product contains nuts. Oh and they can be very addictive you may not be able to stop eating them until the packs are empty.

Sold in packs of 100g, 500g and 1kg. Goody bags version available.

Price: from £2.50 per 100g. Minimum order £10.00

Please make an enquiry here for special orders.

Nang Cashew-Beet

The Nang Cashew-beet was created with romance in mind. Enters Nang Cashew-beet specially developed for its beautiful colour and super snack value.

This snack is a combination of few of my favourites ingredients; the cashews  and fresh beetroot. This snack may not exactly be as red as the colour of romance, pinkness announces it visible delicateness… it comes presented in a see through cellophane bag or pillow box so the beauty of its pinkness contrasted with darker colour of the roasted beetroot would not be missed…

Can you just imagine how healthy this snack is? It may be sweet, but not overly as it is covered in sugar foam rather than syrup which have a much more concentrated amount of sugar. The sweetness is slightly broken down by a hint of salt. The best bit is, it is gluten free and suitable for everyone except of course people who are allergic.

Order your cashew-beet here 3x100g @ £12.00 + P&P

Try it in the taster pack!

Here’re’s a comment a taster of this special candied nut creation: “We fell in love with the Nang Cashew-Beets from ! Guys, we highly recommend these products, they are crazy good and delicate!” Vpl

The Nang Cashew-Beet can be purchased from as little as £4.00 per 100g within the taster pack or get 3 x 100g for £12+ P&P here.

Available in packs on 100g, 500g, 1kg and goody bag size.

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