Nang Cin-Almonds


This addictive plant-based gourmet snack is dry roast and caramelised in almond milk, which give it a much creamier flavour.

Sold in single units.

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Nang Cin-Almond. Named as such because it can be addictive.

If you are a coffee lover, this will will the perfect accompaniment for your after dinner coffee in place of chocolate which, is often not suitable for vegan.

The Nang Cin-Almond is suitable for vegans, non vegan, kosher and halal customers.

It is handmade in small batches and packaged in home compostable wood pulp bags therefore environmentally friendly.

 Ingredients: Almonds, almond milk, sea salt, unrefined cane sugar, cinnamon.

Sold in single units.

Weight 100g.

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Weight 100 g

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