Nang Purple Lime

Made with roasted blanched almonds and covered with a red cabbage lime and cardamom fluffly cane sugar work, its taste is definitely unexpected and unique. Each person experiences this snack differently. Even people who hate cabbage have found this snack tasty.

It is visually purple, in taste, depending on palate and nose; you will either firstly taste cabbage that is quickly beaten down by the lime and cardamom.

With this little luxury snack, foodies snackers can definitely brag about having stumbled on this special snack find.

AND as are all the other Miss Nang Treats snacks, this one too is a great vegan treat that is also suitable for your Kosher snackers too.

It means if you are generous, you can share with every healthy snackers except people with nuts allergies of course.

Ingredients: Blanched almonds, soy milk, red cabbage, lime, cardamom, cane sugar, Essex sea salt

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Sold in packs of 100g