Miss Nang Treats Vegan Seeds trio



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Nang Sevander bites

Sevander - sweet vegan sesame bites jar-Ready

Sevander is simply as contraption of SEsame, VAnilla and LaveNDER. The Nang Sevander is a cracking little sesames and lavender bites. It is twist from the usual caramel sesame snaps the difference here is that that the Miss Nang version simply crumbles at the contact of teeth. It tasty, moreish, sweet with tiny hint of sea salt. The black and white sesames are mixed in with grains of Cotswold lavender and vanilla before being folded into caramel. The Nang Sevander is sold in durable Kilner Jars that you can reuse long after the snack is eaten.

 Total weight including jar 272g – £5.00 each – Ingredients: Black & white sesames, Sugar, sea salt, Cotsworld edible lavender, vanilla.

Nang Red-O-Pumpkin (Click here to order)

Red-O-Pumpkin jar ready

This is a deliciously fantastic and addictive savoury snack. Unlike the other savoury snack that are roasted with oil, this one is all natural. Have you ever started cooking a savoury meal by frying onion in hot oil with a fresh twig of thyme? It is the best smell in the word. Now imagine it rubbed into raw pumpkin seeds with Maldron sea salt flakes then roasted just right. Well, you’d just have to order some to make stop drooling. The Nang Red-O-Pumpkin is sold in durable Kilner Jars that can be reused long after the seeds are gone.

Total weight including jar 350g –  at £5.00 each – Ingredients: Pumpkin seeds, red onions, fresh thyme, Maldon sea salt flakes, soy milk.

Nang Hot Ginger Sun

Hot ginger sun - Vegan snack Jar small Ready

 Now this one was a surprise to the many who have been tasting it for the past 5 months. They are clearly sunflower seeds with chilli flake, but why are that kind of white? And what if that other kind of spice? Am confused, I thought it’d be salty…

Well the Nang Hot Ginger Sun is made of sunflower seed caramelised in fresh ginger juice and finished with chilli flakes. This is the last of the trio sold in a durable Kilner jar that will serve long after the snack has been consumed.

 Total weight including jar 335g – £5.00 each – Ingredients: Sunflower seed, fresh ginger juice, sugar, salt, chilli flakes

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