Nang Satay Peanuts

The Japanese call it Satay, Nigerians call stews, in French it is sauce d’arachides. Usually served with rice or boiled yellow or green plantain

The Nang Satay Peanuts was inspired by all the above but its taste is a reminder of a Thai satay sauce with that lime which pierces through all the other ingredients. This one snack will take you through another voyage through your palate as it has become the habit of most Miss Nang treats.

If you are a fan of clean eating and a healthy lifestyle this savoury vegan treat will definitely help you as you indulge in some healthy snacking.

We hope you find it as “adventurous” as its creator find it. Happy snacking! The red ribbon was chosen for this snack because of its strong Asian background.

Ingredients: Peanuts, Garlic, ginger, coconut oil & cream, black pepper, lime juice & zest, stock cube, sea salt.

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Sold in packs of 100g