3 Kokwa & Mikki Crackers

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Kokwa & Mikki crackers are plant-based gourmet treats like you’ve never tried before. Hand made from scratch with fresh whole potato of or yellow plantains or black imperial rice… Their main ingredients are almonds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. This is Artisan gourmet treats par definition… They all come with their own fresh pairing dips…


Handmade gourmet artisan cracker made from fresh with whole ingredients. 

These plant-based crackers created with their own pairing dips contain zero chemical and zero preservatives…. All presented in home compostable wood pulp packaging and finish with satin ties.

Feel free to add in your basket the accompanying dips. 

See more below.


Plantain & pumpkin seeds crackers:

Ingredients: Ripe plantain, Herbes de Provence, garlic powder, wholemeal flour, roast pumpkin seeds,  mustard seeds, vegetable oil, sea salt.

Pairs with Skinless sunflower cream



Black rice & almonds crackers

Ingredients: Black rice, ground almonds, red kidney beans, red onions, sea salt, rapeseeds oil, plain flour, rosemary, organic coconut husk charcoal, baking powder

Pairs with carrot butter



Maris Piper & sesame seeds crackers 

Ingredients: Potato, green chillies, smoked paprika, Cornish sea salt, plain flour, raw sesame seeds, black pepper, rapeseed oil, baking powder.

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