Black rice & almonds crackers

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Black Rice & almonds Crackers rice and almonds, the ultimate plant-based crackers combo full of natural sugars coming both from the rice and almonds…  It is by far the most expensive to produce, and the taste is just out of this world.


Black Rice & almonds:

There has never been a better combination in artisan gourmet crackers… So good it was created with its own spread which combines carrots, coconut cream and walnuts… absolutely indulgent and guilt-free. ‘Hortense, this combo is INSANE!’

Ingredients: Black rice, ground almonds, red kidney beans, red onions, sea salt, rapeseeds oil, plain flour, rosemary, organic coconut husk charcoal, baking powder.

  Packaged in home compostable wood pulp imitation plastic, has zero chemical and all made from fresh in small batches.

Please ask about click & collect.

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