Cashew safprika gift jar

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Cashew Safprika, the best savoury snack of the range. The plant-based artisan nutty snack take a long to create, but the result is simply delicate, subtile and very creamy texture that awaken almost all the captors in the palate.

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Cashew Safprika: As one of the most popular savoury snacks of the range, this snack is almost the longest to prepare.

Cashews are rehydrated  in a bath of saffron and paprika before being dried for 3/4 hours.

This snack is lightly salted and creamy like no other cashews out there.

Sold in durable, refillable square glass jars. Please feel free to return the jars to the seller in exchange of a discount on your next purchase.

Weight including jar: 380g

Ingredients: Cashews, saffron, paprika, fresh black pepper, sea salt, Snack suitable for vegans.


Great for  occasions, birthdays, anniversary, celebration gifts and foodie gift.


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