Is a plant-based diet healthier?

One pot dinner with Sunflower & Mushroom cooking sauce

Is a plant-based diet healthier?

That’s the million dollar question.

Of itself plant-based diet are healthier  than the so called normal diet because usually the fats and proteins are better for you and multi-functional.

If you are someone who is unable to control your food intake, you might have some weight or skin issues if you abuse what you eat even on a plant-based diet.

It is well known that it you were to listen to every diet advice on earth you even stop drinking water, bottled or otherwise. You’ll always find someone to tell you what not good about what you choose to consume. BUT, it has been proven many times that reducing animal fats and derivatives from our diets lives us with a healthier body.

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theses all natural cashews are part of a subscription service by Miss Nang Treats

When it comes to plant-based, olive, or sunflower butters are still fats. Sugars in drinks are sill bad for you. What’s the solution? A modified behaviour, a plan and moderation. If you have a plant-based subscription box, you can tick all 3 boxes because you are forced to consume what arrives and have to wait until the next box comes.

Miss Nang Treats for example is specialised in nuts and seeds snacks. We all know that nuts and seeds have fat, if eaten in big quantities you will have the runs. This does not mean that nuts are bad for you.

In fact, they are one of the best food groups there is out there. I mentioned multi-functional earlier. Not only nuts are great sources of minerals and vitamins, they keep you fuller for longer, but also have buckets loads of protective properties.


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Did you know for example that many nuts outlook indicate which part of the body they are most affective for?

Walnut. It is shaped like a brain. Beside its content in antioxidants, Omega3 and raft of other vitamins, walnuts comes highly recommended for brain health and brain function.

Walnut with whiskey & clove

Brazil nuts are a bit shaped like thyroid. Aside from being one of the nuttiest nuts, they have the highest concentration of Selenium. This property, selenium is highly necessary for the good health of your thyroid.

Cashews, have you ever notice that they are shaped like kidneys?  They are the highest in copper and also magnesium amongst others

Yes, some nuts  have fats, but these are better fats that that found in animal. Yes they have calories, just like many cola drinks we are all fond of.


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But get this. For many years, vegans and vegetarians were laughed at for eating nuts in everything… well, guess what. They knew something then that the rest of the world is catch up to just now.

Nuts and seeds are complete foods on their own and can be used as meat replacements as they are full of protein.

As an individual, do you include nuts in your daily diet? Unless… of course you are allergic, it is high recommended to  include some on any diet or lifestyle.

By drip feeding your body with nuts and seeds, you not only nourish your body, but what happens on the inside starts showing on the outside… your skin, nails and hair start telling a different story; one of health.

Most people do not always remember to get their pound of nuts when doing their shopping. That’s why many will instead have a plant-based snacks subscription with nuts and seeds.

Such subscription guarantees that there is always nuts available at their place of residence or work place.

The great thing about nuts is, they can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are versatile enough to be added in smoothies, salads, soups and even cakes…

So, to round this off, a plant-based diet is better than most as long as you prepare, plan and have some awareness of your level of consumption of some treats. The great thing about having a plant-based subscription, it that once the treats are gone, you have to be disciplined enough to wait for your next delivery, there by lessening your consumption.

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Tell me what you think of this. Do you agree or disagree?

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