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Tasting event in a store

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vegan chill, condiment jar, great taste starred chilli, holding chilli jar

Hot table chilli jar



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Black rice crackers – A twist on the Caribbean rice & peas dish

Black rice crackers – A twist on the Caribbean rice & peas.

Celebrating Black History Month with Miss Nang Treats’ Black Rice Crackers!

Today the focus is on Black rice & almonds Crackers AKA Rice & Peas… One of the best sellers from the our twin range.

Rice and peas are staples in Caribbean cuisine, reflecting their rich cultural heritage the diaspora. Originating in West Africa and transported to the Caribbean, this flavourful combination quickly became an integral part of the region’s culinary landscape. The harmonious blend of rice and legumes embodies the unity of diverse peoples and cultures that have shaped Caribbean history.

In honour of Black History Month, Miss Nang Treats is super excited to re-introduce you to this delightful twist of the traditional Caribbean dish.

Miss Nang Treats pays homage to this culinary masterpiece by infusing its essence into a moreish (addictive) and unique snack experience. These rice and peas crackers encapsulate the rich flavours and textures that have delighted palates for generations.

Let us take you on a mouth-watering journey as we dive into these Black Rice crackers for which the dip, called Carrot butter should really be called coconut butter as it is simply the a part 2 of the overall Caribbean Rice & peas dish. The crackers and the carrot butter perfectly capture the savoury notes of coconut milk, fragrant herbs, and spices, allowing you to enjoy the little savour- full party happening in your palate… Some fans of the combo have described the duo as “Insaaaane!” Who am I to argue?

Beyond their mouthwatering taste, with these crackers, Miss Nang Treats celebrates the legacy of rice & peas with a modern gourmet twist on a classic dish, telling a story of heritage, identity, and pride of Caribbeans.

So, join us in celebrating Black History Month with Miss Nang Treats rice & peas crackers. Enjoy the flavours that have in some ways changed the British food landscape with this gourmet artisan creations.

The Black Rice & Almonds crackers AKA rice & Peas crackers ingredients include: Black rice, Kidney beans, almonds and rosemary. It’s accompanying dip, the Carrot Butter is made with carrots, coconut cream, ginger, chilli & walnuts.

To order your set, please click on the link.

Happy Black History Month! 🌍🖤

Black History month ends 31st October… 

Black History Month – My favourite people in the food in the food & hospitality industry – Men

My favourite people in the food in the food & hospitality industry – The Men

For Black History month, I decided to focus on my own industry because you don’t often see people of colour represented in food related magazines, publications or show… since COVID, we see a bit more of them/us, but not to the extent it should be. Especially when you hear that the most popular dish in UK is Curry and not Yorkshire pudding. Almost every one in the UK knows Jollof rice, jerk chicken or rice and peas. So based on that alone, there should be more visibility of the multi-ethnicity, mixologist and food creators that exist in the British food & hospitality scenes…

The people I decided to focus on are not new and I’ve followed them for a while. Today am talking about two men I admire and would like you to start following if you fancy enlarging your horizons.


Wilfried Emmanuel-Jones, AKA the Black farmer: Farmer, multi-preneur, TV star, author, infatigable

First up, we have the incredible Wilfred Emmanuel Jones, aka The Black Farmer. I recently had the opportunity to hear him tell his story @thebritish Library. He’s a legend: From being the first (known) most successful black farmer in the UK to being the first Afro-Caribbean to have his own brand of sausages available in major British supermarkets. This man is now working on a massive multi-floor store project in Brixton… There Are no limits to what he can do. I feel more connected with him because like me, he’s battled with few health challenges… Not sure where he gets his energy to do all of that. I get a body crash every time I want to do too much.

Aside from his swearing habits, I love hearing him talk humbly about his journey, a truly inspirational one. You can follow Wilfried on his website at The Black Farmer – For a life less ordinary


Jimi Famurewa: award winning Food writer, author, podcaster

Next up, Jimi Famureva! Te first came on my radar as a writer for  Shortlist magazine…. Shortlist and Stylist magazines kinda came round at the same time so they were my commute reading in those days… I was proud that at the time in both magazines, @JimiFamished was the on black writer that I had noticed… On Fridays, I’d get ES especially for Miss Grace Dent, the favourite white auntie I’d love to cook for…. I loved her writing style, but wouldn’t want to be insulted by her… when she moved on, Jimi took over her space in ES… I felt proud of the brother. That was a wow moment for me to see that. Then one day after delivering  to one of my customers in Lewisham, I stopped in a café by #CatfordBridge to have a coffee…. Guess who came and sat right next to me?! Jimi. I was star struck but very cool. I wanted a pic, but some people can have an attitude and I rather die than even trying so I went back to my Waitrose mag.

Jimi recently launched his first book Settlers, he is a podcaster and also recently won a food critics award… Go Jimi! Bravo. Follow his IG page @JimmiFamished and this website at

Next week I will be talking about Andi Oliver and Melissa Thompson as well as Lorraine Copes who create a CIC doing a phenomenal work in the industry.

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PS: no photo included expressly so you will search them yourself for more info.


Desmoid tumour patient, desmid survivor, chest scar, rib removal, black disabled woman, black woman scar, chest scar, Hortense julienne, Nuts Lover, healthy snack brand

From Rare Tumours to Entrepreneurship

From Desmoid Tumours to Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Personal Transformation


Nuts Lover, snacks maker

Hortense – The Nutter In Chief

Hello, am Hortense, you special Nutter in Chief


Rare diseases can often bring unexpected challenges into our lives. For me, it was the diagnosis of desmoid tumours that turned my life upside down. However, instead of succumbing to despair and after a long period of dealing with Chronic Neuropathic Pains, I used this experience as a launch pad for change and embarked on a path that eventually led me to launch my own healthy snacks brand – Miss Nang Treats. In this blog post, we journey a bit into my transformation and the turn around that has become the foundation of my successful venture.

The Diagnosis:

The diagnosis of desmoid tumours was the turning point in my life. At first, I was devastated by the news. The journey of battling these rare tumours was overwhelming, both physically and mentally. However, as I underwent various treatments and surgeries, I started to see the immense strength within me and the power of resilience. The various surgeries and treatments left me with a missing rib and 1/3 of the left shoulder blade.

Discovering a New Passion:

The Original snack quartet from the brand

I am  addicted to peanuts and the various ways of enjoying them, so, During my recovery period, I immersed myself in creating snacks that suited my palate better than what was on the market. I also realized that maintaining a balanced diet played a vital role in improving my overall well-being. Nuts and seeds emerged as a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle, and I became passionate about incorporating them into my daily diet.


The Birth of Miss Nang Treats:

Saffron & beetroot cashews

Motivated by my own journey and a desire to share this newfound knowledge with others, I decided to start my own healthy snack brand – Miss Nang Treats. The name “Nang” in some cultures is a term of endearment and also symbolizes strength and resilience, which perfectly mirrored my own journey. But it was specifically chosen because it is the end on one of my many African names – Nguepnang (Cameroonian & Bamileke).

The Mission:

Miss Nang Treats is not just a business, but also a platform to raise awareness about desmoid tumours and the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. Through my blog and social media channels, I provide educational content, share personal stories, and offer support to those dealing with similar challenges. If you follow me on Instagram, you will find many ideas about living ia zero-waste & plastic-free life as well as occasional setbacks due to health challenges.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities:

Starting a business is never easy, especially in a competitive market. However, my journey with desmoid tumours taught me to view challenges as opportunities for growth. I used my unique perspective to create a brand that stands out in the market and offers a genuinely healthy handmade snacking alternative made in England.

Spreading Positivity and Empowerment:

Miss Nang Treats not only aims to deliver nutritious snacks but also seeks to inspire individuals to take charge of their health and embrace their own personal journeys. I continually share stories of hope, empowerment, and resilience through my social posts and YouTube channels, encouraging others to turn their adversities into strengths.

Tasting event in a store


My journey with rare desmoid tumours became the impetus for a remarkable turn around in my life. Through the creation of Miss Nang Treats, I transformed my struggles into a thriving business that promotes health, positivity, and empowerment. I invite you to join me on this journey, as we navigate the challenges and triumphs together, embracing the transformative power of a healthy lifestyle and a resilient spirit.


Credit: Blog created with the help of ChatGPT. – What do you think? email


vegan chill, condiment jar, great taste starred chilli, holding chilli jar

Black history month – Roles in African households

“My job was to refill the chilli jar”.

vegan chill, condiment jar, great taste starred chilli, holding chilli jar

Family recipe chilli jar


It’s Black history month; here is a bit of cultural knowledge…

In most African homes, there is a jar of chilli in the fridge.
In most African homes, every child is the Go-to child for something.
🌾 What was your role in your family home?

👍🏾The jar of chilli traditionally was for the adults. Traditionally, children couldn’t eat chilli so the mother of the home would cook for all without the heat, then when the table was set, the jar of chilli would come out. Which meant that we all ate the same meal, differently instead of mum having to cook ten different meals for the household.

👉🏽Then, there was this tradition where this brother would be good at cleaning shoes, this one had an eye for groceries and that one would be the best one at entertaining guests as she was ‘The Smart Miss Pretty’.

😃My superpower was food and in particular making the household chilli and never let the fridge be without.

I had 2 chilli recipes. And the one with the Rainforest nuts was always the most popular. Now, it is an award winning chilli.

Q1: What was your role at Home?
Q2: Have you now perfected it or did you drop it ASAP?

As you can see, am still very attached to food. Lol

Did you learn something new today?
Click link below to explore more African inspired snacks by Miss Nang Treats – Plant-based snacks

PS: the pattern you see on the label is part of the NDOP… the #Bamileke (my tribe) fabric on which every geometric figure represents patterns of life and pre & after life…
This range within the Miss Nang family is a “twin” range named after my grand parents: Kokwa & Mikki.

Got a question? please email Hortense at

Black History month at Miss Nang – Afro-Caribbean inspired snacks

Taste plantain and rice & peas crackers with their own dips for Black History month

As we celebrate Black History Month, let me reintroduce you to a few African and Caribbean inspired gourmet artisan snacks designed exclusively for foodies like you. You already knew this, I am a Cameroonian woman who grew up in France, I’ve had a few heated battles with my health and all that influence what Miss Nang has on Offer. The result, clean, junk free, visually appealing, no ingredients of animal origin, zero waste and plastic free…. Yeah I know a lot is packed in.

As a foodie, you probably know how much Caribbean food has influenced the food scene in the UK; Have you heard of Rice & peas, curry goat, jerk chicken. Do you know that The black rice crackers & Carrot butters duo was inspired by the above?

The black rice crackers represent the Rice & peas and included ingredients like rice, red kidney with almonds. And since the rice & peas are cooked with coconut cream, you find this last ingredient in the butter especially created to go with that particular cracker. The butter also contains fresh ginger chilli which are very prevalent in Afro-carribeans cuisines.

The black rice crackers have been the most popular in the Kokwa & Mikki dual range… order here.

On this link, you find a few handcrafted snacks that have been carefully created with passion and love of flavours inspired by my foodies adventures and my African background. Eating every bit is a true adventure and visually, they are vibrant just like colours you find in nature.

Few ‘did you know’s below:

Peanuts are  most popular around the world and can be found almost everywhere in Africa… At, you find them roast with vanilla and Cornish sea salt with oat milk. Or in the sweet tasters set.

Ivory Coast is the biggest producer of cashews in the world… At you find them as the most popular snack sold across all platforms. Why not try the Sweet tasters set to discover both peanuts & cashews? The cashew-beet is also often used at awards and as wedding favours.

Have you heard of plantain? if you’ve ever shared a meal with an Afro-Caribbean, you know they love their plantain. At you can find the Plantain and pumpkin seeds with herbs. The plantain cracker comes with its own special dip made with sunflower seeds & turmeric.

Everyone has heard of Rice & peas. Well here is my version of rice & peas with almonds and organic charcoal. This cracker own dip is called carrot butter… the combo is said to be insaaaaaaanes. Want to try it? 

These are just a few examples of the extraordinary snacks has  in store for you this Black History Month. By combining traditional recipes and modern culinary techniques, love & adventure, brings you a diverse range of flavours that honour my journey through health & life.

Join me, and let’s celebrate Black History Month while savouring these colourful artisan gourmet snacks. Click here to check out the selection made especially for you.

I really hope you love the selection.

Happy October!


Hortense – Chief Nuts Roaster

September – Desmoid awareness month ends

Desmoid patient, black desmoid survivor, disable entrepreneur

Desmoid survivor

Today is the last day for desmoid tumour awareness month…
Having had recurring desmoid tumours is like living with a time bomb that can decide to destroy another bone, another muscle or another limb when it wants…

But any who. It’s still very much a maverick tumour with a mind if its own. What work for 1 patient doesn’t for the next.

It’s a rare tumour specially made for unicorns and bad-asses! I guess am one since I had it twice in a period where only 2 people in a million had it in the world…

20 years on, it still rules my life with disabilities and chronic neuropathic pains… I live a bit on a slow lane, but that’s the price or being useless for weeks unending.


My health journey inspired my business, but it just also happen that I’ve got a mild addiction to peanuts too…

Trio of Gourmet nuts in glass jars

Charcoal cashews, beetroot cashews, saffron cashews

In the full range of snacks, the ingredients are natural, where possible, they are cultivated or harvested in the UK. Miss Nang advocates support the Zero-waste living and plastic free business. All the packaging are sustainable either made with glass or wood pulp ( home compostable imitation plastic)

All combined you get Miss Nang *(see shop)… you’ll find good and rare food combinations here…. zero junk always, tasty always, made with love and patience always.

Find more @dtrfoundation


Pop Up events & artisan food producers

“Another sale so soon?” I hear you ask.

Sadly yes.

“Another sale so soon?” I hear you ask. Sadly yes.

This is how I started my latest newsletter… I had just finished a round of sale due to over production. This week’s sale is due to a cancelled event.

A cancelled event is a nightmare for some fresh foods artisans.

For some small businesses, Pop Up markets, sustainable and artisan markets are the source of 1/3 of their income. That’s why we do them so often.

Imagine an artisan pie maker who is set to do a pop up market indoors or outdoors and the event is cancelled just 48 hours before the day of the event. What can they do with the stock the have been labouring on for the past week?

Understand this, a small business is always running to maintain their cash flow at a certain level; Whatever is invested in a pop up event must be recuperated, or the stock will be registered as a loss… Even so, the food produced has to go somewhere.

When planning an event, an artisan plans at least a month in advance. They have to source, ingredients, packaging, plan production and packing time, book transportations and staff. So a lot rides on each sale.


Savoury treats display. aperitive table, crackers and dips

Miss Nang nuts, seeds, crackers & dips display

How does this applies to Miss Nang Treats I hear you ask.

Miss Nang Treats operates in a fresh food type of mind set.

Almost All Miss Nang Treats are made to order. Even the roast nuts and seeds are made and served/posted as fresh as possible to allow the snacker to have the best experience while eating something exceptional.


One example. The Safprika.

We know cashews and nuts in general take a year or two to dry properly for commercial use as you see them on shelves.

For the Safprika above, I rehydrate the cashews in a bath of saffron and paprika, then slowly dry them for 3 hours with freshly cracked black pepper and sea salt. You may have guessed it,  placing the nuts in liquid fragilises them and reduce their life-time. The cashew Safprika best before is 3 months max, but in order for you to fully enjoy the intensity of the flavouring, I have to get them in your hands as soon as possible.

If you want to keep  your nuts for longer, you can, but it won’t be the same experience on the palate, due to the all natural, zero preservatives & plastic free elements of the process.


Every event has its own menu

Did you know? Every event has its own menu?

This time around, the focus of the event was on chutneys and crackers. The menu included the Green Chutney (celery & leek), Tomato chutney (garlic & thyme) Beetroot chutney (water chestnuts & fennel). These are made fresh for every event without preservatives or chemicals to maintain that homemade feel.

Since the event is cancelled, I had to think on my feet and create a sales event that would allow me to at least recoup my production costs.

Sometimes, the sales work, often doesn’t, but one must try.

So as artisans, we create a ‘sale’ to shift stock and spend the next 2 days on social media trying to sell what we cannot afford to waste.

I hope this gives you some insight in our challenges.

If you are an artisan, please let me know what you think.

Click to sign up


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Have a fantastic money making week end.

Hortense, AKA the Nuts Lady.

Compostable packaging – The fair exchange

Sustainability – A fair exchange

July is here, it is time to talk about living plastic-free... Sort of.

Often when we talk about sustainability many will switch off. But this time, we may all benefit from it and even save because of the returns. Allotment owners and local farms  could be our saviours ultimately. Read on.

Compostable packaging:

As you know, a few years ago Miss Nang basic packaging was replaced with compostable imitation plastic made out of wood pulp.

We’ve all heard of the desire  to move towards more green living, but unfortunately the structures around us don’t favors proper disposal of compostable materials. This is why you will notice that the earlier adopters of potato starch packaging have reverted back to plastic or solid paper sleeves for their subscription magazines etc…

Once more, in terms of disposal and for longevity,  it is up to small businesses to come up with solutions. 

The problem with compostable packaging

In order to dispose of compostable packaging, one must have functioning compost heap with enough heat and worms to do the job of tearing through the wood pulp made packaging. As we all live in cities, not all apartments have compost heaps… and, how many plant pots can you use to dispose of your packaging?

The experiment:

Click here to see video intro.

Having heavily contributed to few sustainable and plastic-free business discussions during COP26, for July 2022, I started an experiment that will ultimately prove that compostable wood pulp doesn’t need a compost heap to start disintegrating. Something that takes longer to decompose in water (easily accessible) is better than something that can decompose faster in inaccessible compost heaps. The goal is the give people the habit of reducing their use of plastic and even actively seek for alternatives that they can themselves dispose of.



The fair exchange part

If those of us who commit to use compostable packaging could be paired with local allotment owners, our desire to live more sustainably could become transactional… and even approved by the local council adopting the idea.

How it works

John, who is committed to reducing his plastic use, starts collecting his compostable packaging in a bucket. Wheelie bin full of water. 

Every so often (3-6 months), he delivers his loads to be integrated in the actual compost heap at the allotment. At harvest time, the allotment owner (Lizzie) who no doubt is overwhelmed with produce shares her harvest with John.

Going further.

Let’s imagine 50 people in the smallest (non-rural)  borough of Greater London – Kingston-Upon-Thyne -.

Kingston has about 100 allotments, if half of the allotment owners agreed to be paired, we may end up with a surplus of food that could then be distributed via a common surplus bank that will then serve the community further and wider.

It sounds like going back to basics, but this is what living green and sustainably looks like when everyone comes together.

Over to you.

Does this idea inspire you to take action and start looking to reduce your use of plastic?

If you could be paired with an allotment owner via the council would you consider stating the process of disposing of the compostable packaging yourself.

Let me know what you think. 


Author: Hortense Julienne, owner – Miss Nang Treats

I do really believe that our food and our environment impact our health and we must all contribute to both with small action that eventually have a big impact.


Picnic image with hot table chilli

Fine Food Digest – Chilli Coupon code

The Hot Table Chilli from the Kokwa & Mikki range is in the Fine Food Digest this month!

Every so often it is really exciting to have a photo of Miss Nang products featured in industry publications. More than consumers magazine, industry publications are very coveted  by gourmet producers. They are very niche and only accessible to other producers and reseller (Our little secret).

Picnic image with hot table chilli

Fine Food digest April 2023 – Cover page

As a food business owner, I’m thrilled to announce that the Hot Table Chilli mentioned in the prestigious Fine Food Digest magazine this month. This is a huge accomplishment for this growing Croydon Based healthy snack business. This is a proud moment, definitely.

Fine Food Digest –
Page 40 April 2023

For those who may not be familiar with Fine Food Digest, it is a publication that covers the latest news and trends in the food industry. It’s read by industry professionals, including buyers, retailers, and foodservice providers. Having the award winning vegan Hot Table Chilli in this publication is a great honour. If you’ve tasted the chilli, you will agree.

The Hot Table Chilli which won 1 Great Taste Star in 2022, is made with the freshest ingredients. Unlike many other chillies available on the market, this chilli witch uses the Rainforest nut (Ricinodendron, an aphrodisiac), isn’t made with vinegar or too much salt. This condiment is totally chemical free, which means its shelf life can be very short. Added bonus, it is a Plant-Based condiment… But that’s the premises of Miss Nang Treats as a business… Keeping everything fresh and made with as many UK harvested ingredients as possible.

We’re really excited to have made the cut and grateful to Lynda Selby for including our Condiment… This is a big deal. 

We’d like to invite you to read the feature in Fine Food Digest here.

Barbecue season has started, this is the perfect opportunity for you to taste this incredible award winning chilli use FFD50 to get 50p OFF you purchase online.

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Thank you for your continuous support. Watch this space.

Hortense Julienne