Nang charco-al gift jar

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The Nang Charco-Al is Miss Nang Treats second all time best-seller. The blanched almonds are lightly covered with a crumbly orange flavoured caramel and a hint of nutmeg.

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The Nang Charco-A is black in appearance and comes with caramelised orange rinds dipped in Saffron and smoked Anglesey Sea salt.

Sold in durable, refillable square glass jars. Please feel free to return the jars to the seller in exchange of a discount on your next purchase.

Weight including jar: 380g

Ingredients: Blanched almonds, orange, nutmeg, cane sugar, smoked Anglesey Sea salt, activated coconut husk charcoal.

All Miss Nang Treats are handmade gourmet snacks produced in small batches  in England.

All the snacks roasted are dry roasted NO ADDITIVE, NO PRESERVATIVE, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORANT

Great for Easter, birthdays, anniversary, celebration gifts and foodie gift.


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