Miss Nang Christmas – Gift Jars trio

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This set includes:

Cashew beet gift jar, pumpkin seed, black almonds.

Send it to friends and family with your printed note inserted in a charity Christmas card.

  • Every item on this range is produced in a nuts & sesame processing kitchen. Please kindly avoid if any food allergies.
  • Every item on this page is plant-based and suitable for vegans.

Nuts jars

1 – Cashew-beet: most popular gift jar for birthdays and wedding favors on the website

Ingredients: Cashews, raw beetroot juice, natural beetroot flakes, cane sugar, sea salt.






2 – Nang Charco-al: most popular gift jar at pop up markets

Ingredients: Raw blanched almonds, organic coconut husk charcoal, orange zest & rinds, saffron, smoked Anglesey sea salt.





3 – Red-o-Pumpkin: Described as ‘crack’ these seeds can be really addictive

Ingredients: Pumpkin seeds, soy milk, thyme, Cornish sea salt, vegetable oil.




Allergies: Everything sent to you was processed in a nuts & seeds processing kitchen. Please do not consume if you have ANY FOOD ALLERGIES. Everything is plant-based and suitable for vegans. May contain traces of celery, parsley, sesame seeds and peanuts.

Storage & Use: store in a air tight container in a cool dry cupboard.

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