Zero waste snacks set

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These 3 are the most representatives of the waste-free thread that runs across Miss Nang Treats’ idea of sustainability.

Every pack is made of two elements, to demonstrate that often, ingredients that’s should be discarded can be used not only to enhance the taste of the snack, but also show how to creatively use what we so easily discard.

In the cashew-beet, you’ll find flakes created from the pulp recuperated from the beetroot juice.

In the Nang Charcoal, leftover orange rinds are candied.

In the Mustard & All, left over red cabbage is sliced thin and dehydrated before being added in each pack of almonds.

The set comprises:

Nang CharcoAl- Almonds (sweet)

Nang Cashew-beet (Sweet)

Nang Mustard & All (Savoury)

All the snacks are plant-based and made to order in small batches.

All are packaged in NatureFlex home compostable bags made of wood pulp.

Got a question? please do not hesitate to Hortense a message using this contact form

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