Maris piper crackers

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Maris Piper & Sesames crackers:

You’d never think that potatoes & sesame seeds paire with Beet and fennel dip would work, but this is a surprising, adventurous explosion of flavours.


Maris Piper & Sesames crackers:

There is something a bit middle Eastern in the taste of these crackers; a mix of heat from green pepper and paprika  combined  with a slight smoky and nutty flavour. from the sesames These crackers are the most popular in tasting sessions and pop-ups as they are best paired with the Bitsy Beet Chutney.

Ingredients: Potato, green chillies, smoked paprika, Cornish sea salt, plain flour, raw sesame seeds, black pepper, rapeseed oil, baking powder.

Plant-based crackers packaged in wood pulp imitation plastic (home compostable). Made from fresh in small batches with zero chemicals.


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