plant-based chilli award certificate

Award winning plant-based chilli sauce

plant-based chilli award certificate

Last year I launched a range called Kokwa & Mikki by Miss Nang Treats. This week one of the products from the range won a Great Taste Gold star from the Guild of Fine Foods and we are giving you 10% off… 

And by the way, How many award winning plant-based chilli sauces are out there?

The Kokwa & Mikki range which comprises 4 savoury plant-based crackers and 6 plant-based sauces/Condiments & dips was named after my grand-parents Mammy KoKwa and Papa Mikki. The labels for this range has an image of the Ndop, a storytelling fabric from my tribe, the Bamileke tribe of the Cameroonian Grasslands.

Why KoKwa and Mikki? In my family there is a long tradition of people having twins. I’ve always dreamt of having a set of twins. When we have children, we name them after people we want to honour. Sadly at 46, I have no children and the products that I create are my babies, so I named my twin range Kokwa and Mikki,

What’s more. The other reason I wanted to create a plant-based range of crackers with their accompanying dips  is because I had not seen it on the market. Since Miss Nang Treats’ main ingredients are nuts or seeds, I thought it could be a range that demonstrates the many ways to include nuts in our diet without added junk, colourful without chemicals, excessively tasty but identifiable flavours combined in different ways. The chilli that was submitted embodied all that.


About the chilli that won the award, the judges said: This sauce has a glorious deep orange colour with plenty of texture and a level of oil separation that is appealing to us. There is a heady nose – a mix of tomato, garlic, nuts and chilli. On tasting it is vibrant and exciting and very savoury. It is well-rounded but then it has a soothing but warming kick of chilli at the end. The layers of flavour come through with a hint of bitterness but that bitterness is not aggressive. We think this does deliver on taste and is worthy of an award. For a higher one perhaps try and eliminate that hint of bitterness.

The Kokwa and Mikki range was challenging to create, especially the crackers and their different colours. But I am elated that after just 9 months after the launch, this plant-based sauces, condiments, dips and crackers are already winning awards.

For me, this is just the start. Miss Nang’s full range range is very quirky with a number of gems that could be 3 stars taste products.
I am really excited about the future of this range and would like to invite you to join me on the journey.
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See you next time.

Hortense, Founder.

Beetroot chutney on bread

Healthy plant-based sauces and condiments

Plant-based sauces and condiments with herbs in a wooden tray

Sauces and dips

It can be very challenging finding plant-based cooking sauces and condiments that aren’t full of junk or ingredients that are inexplicable/ unpronounceable.

Miss Nang Treats has always been an advocate of healthy plant-based foods with ingredients that can be found everywhere here in England.

Having looked at the plant-based landscape and the amount of junk food that has been carried over, it is no surprise that we end up with another form of unhealthy diet… more junk, just chemically modified from plant molecules… (eye rolling).

If you don’t believe me, go to a vegan/plant-based food exhibition. Just because a cake is called vegan, it doesn’t mean that it has no fat. A cake is a cake, is a cake. Vegan cakes still have sugar, fat and icing in them. So moderation still applies.

Any who. Back the sauces. Do you know? you can still find artisan confectionary, sauces and cooking aids that have not been tempered with? That’s what the Kokwa & Mikki range from Miss Nang Treats is.

The healthy plant-based cooking sauces and condiments are made from scratch with everyday ingredients available in our markets.

Let’s look at the Bitsy Beets Chutney from the Kokwa & Mikki range

Beetroot condiment in square jar

Made with grated fresh beetroot; it is cooked in olive oil with fennel and water chestnuts.
You can use this as condiments for steamed potatoes, rice, chips etc or just add it to a pile of tender stems broccoli.

Plant-Based and environment

Healthy plant-based sauces and condiments don’t have to taste horrible just because they are healthier, they do not need ingredients especially flown from the furthest end of the earth to sound exotic. We can just be more creative with what is here in the UK without overly compromising our carbon footprint.

Miss Nang Treats as an entity has made the decision to buy ingredients locally as much as possible. Often, even exotic ingredients are already available on the territory.

Some businesses think it must be better to import ingredients, but when every expenses is brought together on one sheet, we end up spending more than necessary. Not only that, but importing affects our carbon foot print.

Miss Nang Treats has chosen either to use ingredients harvested in the UK or use ingredients already imported in the UK, thereby, offsetting to a certain degrees the carbon foot print of the importer.

Not only that the sauces and sold in jars that can be returnable the Miss Nang Treats against discount on future purchase.

What’s in it for you?

When transitioning to a more plant-based life, it can be challenging to find things that make life easy. The plant-based sauces & condiments from the Kokwa & Mikki range were created to make life easier those on the start of their journey. The ingredients are familiar, the sauces very colourful with flavours simply out of this world. Mind you, the recipe developer is French, so they are bound to be flavourful.

One absolute fan of the range calls it ‘Life’s saver.’ As a very busy entrepreneur with a full time job and thriving business, Charlotte is a subscriber to the range. She says she doesn’t fret for her dinners or lunches because half of the meals are ready. ‘All I have to do is boil or microwave yellow plantain in the microwave for 10 minutes, add a dollop of Carrot butter or Bitsy beet Chutney and am ready to eat.

The Cream of sunflower seeds is a great sauce to add if cooking a one-pot. Oh and how about the Green chutney as a top for Baked potatoes? These are greats plant-based sauce to have in the fridge. They cut my cooking time by 2/3. I love them says Charlotte.

Plate of vegan food plantain and beetroot

Plate of vegan food plantain and beetroot

And those are the reasons those sauces were created.

Besides being a subscriber, Charlotte has also learnt to save the jars to be recycled through Miss Nang Treats.

‘ I used to through everything away, now I even keep the box so you guys can collect it. Oh gosh, you are turning me into an eco-warrior’.  She says.

We love to hear that because Miss Nang Treats is not only here to feed, but also to educate.

Great News

Miss Nang is launching a plant-based sauces & condiments subscription box in September.

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Earth day at Miss Nang Treats


Happy Earth day all. Today you’ll see a lot of business talking about the environment because it a subject on our marketing calendars to get traction/Click bait.

Now, look at their posts or videos, not a traces on the subject of sustainability, recycling, reusing, zero-waste etc…

Miss Nang started 5 years ago and zero-waste was always in the DNA of this business. As well as reusing and regifting, in the last 24 months, to be even more sustainable, Miss Nang switched the main packaging to a compostable version made out of woodpulp and the jars can now be returned to base for a voucher.

👉If you are a newsletter subscriber the last message sent was about having a waste free Easter. The recommendations included regrowing some herbs, reviving lifeless vegetables before cooking them instead of throwing them away…

🌍Earthday, climate change or sustainability aren’t just what the government or some ‘crusties’ say we should do, it is our individual responsibility in all aspect of our lives/businesses.
At Miss Nang Treats, earthday is everyday through:
🌍Limited waste: creating edible flakes, caramelising zests, regrowing veggies tops, creating compost… not to forget that producing everything in small batches reduce waste too.

🌍Limiting single use packaging: using jars, compostable wrapping, switching to paper-based labelling.

🌍Education: tasting sessions are used as an education vehicle to help clients see that most things can be repurposed without looking odd and Infact can be better for the environment and for the consumer… as well as economical.

Hope this has been useful to you. Tell me what you think, post a comments.

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Happy Earth day!

Miss Nang Treats.

New product alert – Vegan natural sweet FREE


You’ve  all tasted the Nang Charco-Al.

Black almonds, always comes with orange rinds.

The orange rinds included in the Nang Charcoal has become a listed snack on its own due to its crazy popularity during tasting sessions.

Want to enjoy a whole jar of these absolute gorgeous strands caramelised with Saffron & Nutmeg?

Place and order and get your free jar. This offer does not apply if a discount code is used at check out. Click here to start shopping

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March at Miss Nang went a bit crazy!

I delivered my first white Label order – This means Miss Nang Treats products are sold under somebody else’s label. I’d love to do more of that. Please feel free to recommend Miss Nang if you know Speciality Foods outlets in the UK. including Delis, plant-based fresh food outlets, farm shops and refill shop.

Miss Nang Treats snacks were made available in a shop in Elephant & Castle. Didn’t do well but it was worth doing. It’s experience.

I did a two day event at the Department Store pop up,  followed by a 10 stint in a big High street superstore… What an experience?!
March was an amazing month of activities that led me to book my first Major exhibition!

Vegan Life Live is where all the vegans and plant-based food explorers go; including buyers… this is a big step for Miss Nang Treats!!!!
It would be lovely to see you there…

Do you want to come? Am giving away 2 tickets for you to join me at this spectacular exhibition especially if you are new to the plant-based life!

How to enter?
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Please respond by 8th May.

Next events include:

Pexmas in Peckham on 7th May

Vegan Life Live in Alexandra Palace 11/12 June

Streatham 26th June

Dulwich Village 24th September

See you soon!

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A new submission to the Guild of Fine foods.


Since I released these babies in November past year ad part of the Kokwa & Mikki range, the Hot Table Chilli decided to create its own lane… Minimum order 2, 4, 5. Many included THIS chilli in their Christmas gifts/hampers (how does that work?)… All the pop ups I’ve done since November 2021 sold out on the chilli. Even Hot Sauce makers became fans (I have no idea how, but God is good).

So I decided to see what the Guild of Food thinks…

They already loved the Cashew beet (Pink cashew), let’s see If I can get a star for this one!

Please pray for them. 💃💃💃

For more details on the #KokwaAndMikki range, visit

A vegan valentine gift

Hello Nuts lovers,

These hearts were first released last year and are back this year due to their popularity.

Miss Nang Treats special Valentine Hearts are made using the ingredients from the 3 most popular Miss Nang snacks: Cashew-BeetNang Charco-Al and CocafeHazel.

In the Pink Valentine heart, made with the Cashew-beet, the based holding it all together is a Miss Nang special soft cocoa mix with hazelnut, coconut cream and oat milk… a combination that will make you really feel guilty, but it is a special occasion, right?

In the Black Valentine heart,  the Nang Charco-Al is held together with the same soft cocoa mix, but this time the strongest flavour is orange, coming from the bits of saffron infused candies rinds you can see darted in between the black almonds.Both come in beautifully packed boxes finished with a red ribbon and tiny white rose.

Miss Nang valentine hearts are vegan, made without artificial colouring or chemical ingredients. Which means they have a very short life span. This also means that they are made just 3 days before posting day… Hurry, order yours ASAP. As you can see all the elements for a beautiful Valentine gift are there. All you have to add is a bottle of sparkly, some roses and a card for him or her.This is a limited and exclusive edition valentine treat, do not miss out.

Please order by 4th February. All orders will be sent on 6th February only.

Are you sending these to a different address? would you like to add a note, happy to add a card for free. Just add a message at check out.

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Reasons to try veganuary

Will you be taking part in Veganuary 2022? There are so many good reasons to.

Here are few reasons for you to explore.


Taking part in Veganuary isn’t just about eating and enjoying a wholly plant-based for a time. Think about it as a course of ‘treatment’ to clear the junk cumulated in your system in the last 12 months and in particular during the festive period.
The more fibre you consume, better it is for your digestive system.

Depending on the selection of vegetable, nuts or pulse you decide to major on during Veganuary, you’ll have better skin, lush hair, stronger bones and nails.


Am sure you have heard this before, eating more plant and less meats & dairies will make you less sluggish. The overwhelming  quantity of minerals and vitamins contained in vegetables are deposited in your system. When eliminating meats for example, you find that you’ll have to up you vegetables and root vegetables consumption to fill you up.

Do make sure that you mix and match often between roots and top of vegetables with pulses, grains and nuts for a balanced diet.


Becoming better at cooking isn’t about becoming a chef, but eating a variety of vegetables will help you understand them, from their uncooked point to their mushiest point. Because you are on a challenge and want to do well, you learn to make friend with your kitchen, more knowledgeable, you understand the difference between cooking and eating precook/processed food.


During the challenge, you will desire some consistencies and levels of chewiness to recreate the meat effect. Coking some vegetable in someways will help you create the consistencies you re looking for. Things like Cod and chips, chicken nuggets, cheese or milks will be things you will learn to make you own of.

Be mindful of buying ready made mayo, cheeses, chicken nuggets as they may contain more junk than none vegan junk. Just because it is label vegan doesn’t always translate as good for you.  dont fall in to the trap that eating vegan process food is better… Nope, too much sugar, too much fat, cakes, sweets is still bad for you in any diet. so watch out and recreated what you can. Doing you own is often much safer. so, go create and if you need help, get a copy of Plant-based Ideas for Carnivores, the cookbook.


One of the reasons why food is more nutritious is because you make better choices, you look closer into the packages of what you buy. You will cook more often, so you know whats in what you eat.

Economical because you’ll eat less meats which often are the most expensive elements of our food plates. We’ve all heard that myth about the plant-based or vegan diet being expensive; not true. for every expensing diet, there is an affordable option. You do not have to shop in Waitrose or Holland & Barrett to get what you need. The vegan market has grown enormously and every supermarket have their own brand of natural or process vegan food. Shop around with your budget in mind, you’ll find what you need.


There is something about eating plant-based for a period they makes you more conscious of the environment and especially waste.

The fact that you wont eat meat for a month will not save the planet, but having learnt that you can vary your diet and contribute to the rebalancing of the ecosystem will definitely excite you to want to do more. Because, this is not about jumping for one diet to another, but finding the balance.



So, has this post convinced you to give Veganuary 2022 a try?

If you have any questions, please follow Miss Nang Treats on Instagram for up to date info. Email me at

See you soon.

Hortense, Miss Nang Founder

New plant-based dips & crackers for Christmas

Plant-based food and drinks news.

New product launch. Press Release.

Miss Nang Treats is thrilled to announce the release of a new range of nuts and seed treats on 1st November.

The Kokwa & Mikki range by Miss Nang is a dual range with 10 treats including crackers and a variety of dips.

‘As we approached Miss Nang Treats’ 5th anniversary, I wanted to offer an alternative way of enjoying nuts and seeds to a new cohort of plant-based aficionados.  So, I made it happen!’ Says Hortense Julienne, founder of Miss Nang Treats.

‘Over 20% of Brits have switched to a flexitarian or plant-based diet since the beginning of Covid 19. People are paying more attention to their health and nuts and seeds are a whole pharmacy on their own. They are full of nutrients, vitamins, and are versatile and varied. Plant-based consumers and others include nuts in their diet to build and conserve good health from the inside out. The only hick, those kernels can often taste like nothing, and are therefore often ignored.

‘I feel that people do not value nuts and seeds enough and so don’t realise how versatile those little kernels really are. This is why I cover them with unexpected flavour and colour combinations to turn them into visibly attractive stars. Everybody is attracted to stars, right?’ Hortense continues.

The Kokwa & Mikki range is as full of colour as Miss Nang Treat’s original range. Building on her original recipes, Hortense turns rehydrated  walnuts into fresh butter with carrot and coconut cream; an absolute delight as you are yet to find on the market.

Find a smooth and vibrant Beetroot Chutney –  the one called Bitsy Beet has fine bits of beetroot cooked in creamy water chestnuts with fennel. The range is again another adventure with natural colour and flavours.

As for the crackers, there are four of them made out of black rice, red beans, plantain, Maris piper potato and combined with either sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, almond or peanut.

Hortense says ‘ I love potatoes with skin, I like yellow plantain, and black rice is something else. I wanted to turn all this healthy stuff into something that people would recognise. It was like dressing a pharmacy to look like a candy store. It was hard work, but I found the formula… ‘

This range is going to be a delight for all to enjoy this Autumn, and launches just in time for the Christmas treat list. Many food bloggers and professionals have already been tasting the range and the feedback shows it’s full of promise.

“The developer of this range really took pleasure in bringing all these ingredients together. It is an absolute tribute to her adventurous palate and playfulness with daring flavours .” – A food blogger

“Dips and spreads like Bitsy Beet and Cream of Sunflowers feel like a dollop of luxury. Especially on a black rice and almond cracker. And just for grown ups too; I hide mine from the kids!’  – Jon Whitmarsh, a Miss Nang Treats fan.

The range is completely hand-made, produced in small batches and to order.

The Kokwa & Mikki range is available to purchase on

If you are free on Monday 1st November, why not join Hortense at 11 am for the mid morning snack time and a chat on Instagram?

The the handle is @missyNang. See sidebar.

Please email for more details.





Why are nuts good for you?

Cashew-Beet and cashew SafPrika jars

Why are nuts good for you?

Did you used to mock vegans & vegetarians for eating so much nuts and seeds? Do you still do?

Do you often look for the ONE snack that is going to solve (ALMOST) all your issues with snacking?

You should consider nuts and seeds.

More than most snacks, nuts and seeds are the most complex, versatile and nutrient dense snacks you can find anywhere in the world.

Yes, different continent have their most popular nuts or seeds, but it is a food group you can find anywhere in the world.

Nuts and seeds are usually replacement for protein sources or omega 6/3 for those who switch to a fully plant-based lifestyle.

Given their versatility, you can have them for breakfast in porridge, granola or spread.

For lunch or dinner, you can have them chopped in your salads, soups or stews.

Most African countries do nuts or pumpkin seeds steamed cakes cooked in banana leaves and these are completely fat-free as well as super tasty.

Other than that, by adding more nuts to your diet, you are likely to build stronger and healthier healthy body resistant bugs.

Some nuts will prevent diabetes, others will protect you from hearth issues, many will help your brain function, lower cholesterol and even reduce your joints’ inflammation.

That is just for starters…

For many years meat and dairy eaters have mocked vegetarians and vegans for eating so many nuts, but is because they knew something that the rest didn’t.

As we all are now more and more curious about plant-based cooking whilst limiting our consumption of meat and diary, more researches are available informing us of the goodness as well as the value in replacing our proteins, vitamins and vitamins sources.

Nuts are bland!

Often those reluctant to eat nuts  are simply adverse to their bland flavours, which is understandable.

It is for this reason that Miss Nang Treats creates not only visibly appealing nuts snacks, but the flavours are totally unexpected and very playful with natural ingredients mostly sources from the UK.

Miss Nang treats snacks are all plant-based snacks, handmade in small batches and made in Britain, specifically in Croydon.

If you’d like to start your journey with nuts and seeds, why no start with one of our numerous multipacks sets? Click here 😉

You ‘have never tasted nuts like these before’, ‘who knew nuts could be so tasty?’, ‘these nuts are dangerously addictive.’ Those are quotes from our customers.

What will you say after tasting your first Miss Nang snack?

Visit the shop here…

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Thank you for sharing this blog.

The team.