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The Hot Table Chilli from the Kokwa & Mikki range is in the Fine Food Digest this month!

Every so often it is really exciting to have a photo of Miss Nang products featured in industry publications. More than consumers magazine, industry publications are very coveted  by gourmet producers. They are very niche and only accessible to other producers and reseller (Our little secret).

Picnic image with hot table chilli

Fine Food digest April 2023 – Cover page

As a food business owner, I’m thrilled to announce that the Hot Table Chilli mentioned in the prestigious Fine Food Digest magazine this month. This is a huge accomplishment for this growing Croydon Based healthy snack business. This is a proud moment, definitely.

Fine Food Digest –
Page 40 April 2023

For those who may not be familiar with Fine Food Digest, it is a publication that covers the latest news and trends in the food industry. It’s read by industry professionals, including buyers, retailers, and foodservice providers. Having the award winning vegan Hot Table Chilli in this publication is a great honour. If you’ve tasted the chilli, you will agree.

The Hot Table Chilli which won 1 Great Taste Star in 2022, is made with the freshest ingredients. Unlike many other chillies available on the market, this chilli witch uses the Rainforest nut (Ricinodendron, an aphrodisiac), isn’t made with vinegar or too much salt. This condiment is totally chemical free, which means its shelf life can be very short. Added bonus, it is a Plant-Based condiment… But that’s the premises of Miss Nang Treats as a business… Keeping everything fresh and made with as many UK harvested ingredients as possible.

We’re really excited to have made the cut and grateful to Lynda Selby for including our Condiment… This is a big deal. 

We’d like to invite you to read the feature in Fine Food Digest here.

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Hortense Julienne