Nang Cin-Almond

EVERY one loves almonds! In powder form for baking, plain raw for snacking and flakes for cake decorations.

IMG_20170309_1718123Let us introduce you to the Nang Cin-Almond! Oh my! It is even more addictive than the Sweet Pea – Original or Cashew-Beet!

The almonds are very lightly roasted and their beautiful brown skin is covered with cinnamon flavoured sugar foam made with almond milk…

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This is such a great snack to have handy. It is sweet, but not “guilty sweet” way. The salt added to it is barely detectable, but adds to the exceptional taste of this snack.

IMG_20170311_1512153Did you know? Almonds on their own are considered a super food?! Now, read this! Cinnamon too, is a wonder spice full of Manganese, antioxidants, vitamin A, C, E, K, B6? If you are looking for a wonders or super food snack, this is IT! Stop the search.

Ingredients: Alamonds, Almond milk, Salt, sugar & cinnamon.

DSC09886The Nang Cin-Almond is part of the taster pack above, so, try it as soon as possible. Don’t forget to feedback.


100g = £5.00  –  200g = £10 –  500g = 20.00  –  1kg = £35.00

IMG_20170311_1505039Wedding favours = quote on demand.

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