Nang Cashew SafPrika

This snack is savoury and with natural flavouring and colouring. The cashews are placed in in a bath of Saffron and paprika to rehydrate, then dry/roast for 2 hours with spices. This combination turns out to be simply a surprise with a very subtle taste of both primary ingredients as well as the cracked pepper which is just about detectable without being distracting to all cashew lovers. Gourmet nuts at its best. This one is definitely one of favourites for foodies and flavours chasers.

Ingredients: Cashews, saffron, paprika, black pepper, sea salt.

The colour as well as all ingredients used are natural and of course packed with vitamins… Much needed in a plant based lifestyle.
No extra dust or oil to wipe off your hands after eating these as they come dust free.

Sold in packs of 100g