Nang Cashew SafPrika

Made with Cashew, Saffron. Paprika and cracked pepper and salt. There are many ways of making this beautiful orangy colour happen. The tastes and colours can be just external or they can be allowed to penetrate the nuts and colour them in and out.

The saffron has an effect in anything it comes in contact with and so is the paprika.
This combination with the cashew nut turns out to be simply a surprise with a very subtle taste of both primary ingredients as well as the cracked pepper just about detectable without being distracting to all cashew lovers.

The colour as well as all ingredients used are natural as well as of course packed of vitamins… Much needed in a vegan lifestyle. An essential in vegan snack collection.
No extra dust or oil to wipe off your hands after eating these as they come dust free.
I love these and in particular the colours they bring to the fantastic animals free snacks range.

order your 100g cashew SafPrika here

The Cashew SafPrika is sold by packs of 100g or as gift beautifully wrapped in careful chosen jewel boxes, mugs or bottles (below). Made to order depending on who the gift is for.


The SafPrika costs £5.00 per 100g price negotiable depending on quantity ordered. Made to order to avoid wastage. All payments  requested in advance.

Sold in packs of 100g, 500g & 1kg.

Happy to take orders for Wedding Favours, engagement parties, goody bags etc…

Please make your enquiry via the contact page for any special request.

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