Nang Vee-Cornish

The Nang Vee-Cornish is a more flavoured version of the Sweet Pea – Original.

The ingredients are : Peanuts, Cornish sea salt, cane sugar, oat milk and Tahitian* Vanilla. The Vee-Cornish is a very surprising combination of ingredients.

How often has anyone come across a vanilla & peanuts mix? Here, given the lightness of the roasting of the peanuts, their usual strong taste is restrained and so giving space to the vanilla to come through on the palate.

Just like the Nang Sweet pea, the nut is roasted to the point where it cracks under the effortless pressure of the teeth almost like a macadamia nut.

The sugar? Is barely there as it is used at its foamy state. And then, there is the Cornish sea salt which… Well you will just have to work that out for yourself as you purchase your first pack of Nang vee-Cornish.

This product can be utilised in the same way as the original version; gift, wedding favours, goody bags. Think about offering them at your parties, wedding, baby showers, and birthday’s celebrations.

The Vee-Cornish combination has health benefits aplenty. Not only with the peanuts skin and it content in iron, antioxidant, but also with the oat milk which is a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Caution: this snack is to be enjoyed in a quiet room, in hiding and without distractions. Highly addictive and moreish.

The Nang Vee-Cornish is sold  in packs of 100g.

Also in the Sweet taster set.


*Vanilla origin may change based on weather devastation in countries where they are cultivated. Origin may vary between, Ugandan, Guadeloupean or Tahitian vanilla.

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