Black rice crackers – A twist on the Caribbean rice & peas dish

Black rice crackers – A twist on the Caribbean rice & peas.

Celebrating Black History Month with Miss Nang Treats’ Black Rice Crackers!

Today the focus is on Black rice & almonds Crackers AKA Rice & Peas… One of the best sellers from the our twin range.

Rice and peas are staples in Caribbean cuisine, reflecting their rich cultural heritage the diaspora. Originating in West Africa and transported to the Caribbean, this flavourful combination quickly became an integral part of the region’s culinary landscape. The harmonious blend of rice and legumes embodies the unity of diverse peoples and cultures that have shaped Caribbean history.

In honour of Black History Month, Miss Nang Treats is super excited to re-introduce you to this delightful twist of the traditional Caribbean dish.

Miss Nang Treats pays homage to this culinary masterpiece by infusing its essence into a moreish (addictive) and unique snack experience. These rice and peas crackers encapsulate the rich flavours and textures that have delighted palates for generations.

Let us take you on a mouth-watering journey as we dive into these Black Rice crackers for which the dip, called Carrot butter should really be called coconut butter as it is simply the a part 2 of the overall Caribbean Rice & peas dish. The crackers and the carrot butter perfectly capture the savoury notes of coconut milk, fragrant herbs, and spices, allowing you to enjoy the little savour- full party happening in your palate… Some fans of the combo have described the duo as “Insaaaane!” Who am I to argue?

Beyond their mouthwatering taste, with these crackers, Miss Nang Treats celebrates the legacy of rice & peas with a modern gourmet twist on a classic dish, telling a story of heritage, identity, and pride of Caribbeans.

So, join us in celebrating Black History Month with Miss Nang Treats rice & peas crackers. Enjoy the flavours that have in some ways changed the British food landscape with this gourmet artisan creations.

The Black Rice & Almonds crackers AKA rice & Peas crackers ingredients include: Black rice, Kidney beans, almonds and rosemary. It’s accompanying dip, the Carrot Butter is made with carrots, coconut cream, ginger, chilli & walnuts.

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Happy Black History Month! 🌍🖤

Black History month ends 31st October…