Black History month at Miss Nang – Afro-Caribbean inspired snacks

Taste plantain and rice & peas crackers with their own dips for Black History month

As we celebrate Black History Month, let me reintroduce you to a few African and Caribbean inspired gourmet artisan snacks designed exclusively for foodies like you. You already knew this, I am a Cameroonian woman who grew up in France, I’ve had a few heated battles with my health and all that influence what Miss Nang has on Offer. The result, clean, junk free, visually appealing, no ingredients of animal origin, zero waste and plastic free…. Yeah I know a lot is packed in.

As a foodie, you probably know how much Caribbean food has influenced the food scene in the UK; Have you heard of Rice & peas, curry goat, jerk chicken. Do you know that The black rice crackers & Carrot butters duo was inspired by the above?

The black rice crackers represent the Rice & peas and included ingredients like rice, red kidney with almonds. And since the rice & peas are cooked with coconut cream, you find this last ingredient in the butter especially created to go with that particular cracker. The butter also contains fresh ginger chilli which are very prevalent in Afro-carribeans cuisines.

The black rice crackers have been the most popular in the Kokwa & Mikki dual range… order here.

On this link, you find a few handcrafted snacks that have been carefully created with passion and love of flavours inspired by my foodies adventures and my African background. Eating every bit is a true adventure and visually, they are vibrant just like colours you find in nature.

Few ‘did you know’s below:

Peanuts are  most popular around the world and can be found almost everywhere in Africa… At, you find them roast with vanilla and Cornish sea salt with oat milk. Or in the sweet tasters set.

Ivory Coast is the biggest producer of cashews in the world… At you find them as the most popular snack sold across all platforms. Why not try the Sweet tasters set to discover both peanuts & cashews? The cashew-beet is also often used at awards and as wedding favours.

Have you heard of plantain? if you’ve ever shared a meal with an Afro-Caribbean, you know they love their plantain. At you can find the Plantain and pumpkin seeds with herbs. The plantain cracker comes with its own special dip made with sunflower seeds & turmeric.

Everyone has heard of Rice & peas. Well here is my version of rice & peas with almonds and organic charcoal. This cracker own dip is called carrot butter… the combo is said to be insaaaaaaanes. Want to try it? 

These are just a few examples of the extraordinary snacks has  in store for you this Black History Month. By combining traditional recipes and modern culinary techniques, love & adventure, brings you a diverse range of flavours that honour my journey through health & life.

Join me, and let’s celebrate Black History Month while savouring these colourful artisan gourmet snacks. Click here to check out the selection made especially for you.

I really hope you love the selection.

Happy October!


Hortense – Chief Nuts Roaster