Nang Sweet Pea – Original


This product was was created and perfected over 12 years originally as a gift for friend’s and family… This is the first ever of the line, fantastic for anyone exploring veganism and the vegan or gluten-free lifestyle, but great for sharing no matter your type of diet!

The Nang Sweet Pea – Original snack is made with the smallest kind of peanuts which has the deepest red skin. As opposed to the biggest and pinkest variety, these smallest peanuts are naturally the sweetest. Their deep red robe is full of the same antioxidant you find in red wine and yes just as the red wine, they do have a very slight but detectable bitterness.

The Nang Sweet Pea is roasted and covered in a slight cane sugar foam. They are light and kind to the most sensible tooth, crunchy, sweet but, not too much with a hint of salt.

They are moreish and am afraid unfortunately very very very addictive. They are fantastic for the digestive system, suitable for all including Vegans and gluten-free!

Ingredients: Peanuts, sea salt, cane sugar.

on various pages of this website you will see that they can be offered in replacement of wedding favors, as gift for special occasions or simply for snacking.

The Nang Sweet Pea is made to order and sent to you fresh. Also part of the Sweet taster set.

Sold in packs of 100g 

Also in the Sweet taster set.



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