Nang Cashew-Beet

The Nang Cashew-beet was created with romance in mind. Enters Nang Cashew-beet specially developed for its beautiful colour and super snack value.

This snack is a combination of few of my favourites ingredients; the cashews  and fresh beetroot. This snack may not exactly be as red as the colour of romance, pinkness announces it visible delicateness… it comes presented in a see through cellophane bag or pillow box so the beauty of its pinkness contrasted with darker colour of the roasted beetroot would not be missed…

Can you just imagine how healthy this snack is? It may be sweet, but not overly as it is covered in sugar foam rather than syrup which have a much more concentrated amount of sugar. The sweetness is slightly broken down by a hint of salt. The best bit is, it is gluten free and suitable for everyone except of course people who are allergic.

Here’re’s a comment a taster of this special candied nut creation: “We fell in love with the Nang Cashew-Beets from ! Guys, we highly recommend these products, they are crazy good and delicate!” Vpl

Why not use them as wedding favours or goody bags treats?


Sold in packs of 100g 

In a set of 3 x 100g packs 

Also in the Sweet taster set