September – Desmoid awareness month ends

Desmoid patient, black desmoid survivor, disable entrepreneur

Desmoid survivor

Today is the last day for desmoid tumour awareness month…
Having had recurring desmoid tumours is like living with a time bomb that can decide to destroy another bone, another muscle or another limb when it wants…

But any who. It’s still very much a maverick tumour with a mind if its own. What work for 1 patient doesn’t for the next.

It’s a rare tumour specially made for unicorns and bad-asses! I guess am one since I had it twice in a period where only 2 people in a million had it in the world…

20 years on, it still rules my life with disabilities and chronic neuropathic pains… I live a bit on a slow lane, but that’s the price or being useless for weeks unending.


My health journey inspired my business, but it just also happen that I’ve got a mild addiction to peanuts too…

Trio of Gourmet nuts in glass jars

Charcoal cashews, beetroot cashews, saffron cashews

In the full range of snacks, the ingredients are natural, where possible, they are cultivated or harvested in the UK. Miss Nang advocates support the Zero-waste living and plastic free business. All the packaging are sustainable either made with glass or wood pulp ( home compostable imitation plastic)

All combined you get Miss Nang *(see shop)… you’ll find good and rare food combinations here…. zero junk always, tasty always, made with love and patience always.

Find more @dtrfoundation


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