We are celebrating SIX years

 Miss Nang Treats turned 6 yesterday. Visit https://www.instagram.com/missynang/  to see all the celebratory posts and the Live video.

What a journey it has been. Already four Food & Dinks awards including the most coveted Guild Of Fine Food star for a product launched only a year ago. We are not going to forget the many many printed media coverage including the Financial times, Wellbeing Magazine the Independent, the Daily Express AND Speciality Food magazine, as well as Confectionary magzine 2 well thought of industry magazines. See few articles below.

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Miss Nang Treats is quirky, but has health & environment in mind for every product created. See enviroment related articles below:

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This is reflected in the ingredients used in the production of every snack created. Where possible (often), the ingredients are harvested in the UK and contain zero chemicals or refining.

The packaging is an imitation plastic made with wood pulp and home compostable. Any jar can be returned to Miss Nang Treats against a coupon to use on your next online order.


As we celebrate our anniversary throughout  this month, the most popular snacks chosen during various tasting sessions will allp be sold at just £5.00 each.

Allowing some of you to discover the brand and  others to stash up for their Christmas stockings.

The snacks on offer can be seen here https://missnang.com/product-tag/iamsix/

These are reasons why you should take advantage of this £5.00 offer:

  1. If you are making gift hampers, nuts, seeds and crackers are very practical because they last longer. Anything made in November will be best before 31st January.

  2. If you are having a Christmas spread, you will already have a starting set and will be ahead in planning that part of your festive season.

  3. You can stash them away for those people you never think of, who turn up unannounced. Shove a few packs in a gift bag with a card, et VOILA!

And because we are celebrating, every order over £30.00 will come with a gift, even the subscription boxes.

We hope you have enjoyed being part of thin incredible journey.

Do you have any question? email miss-nang@outlook.com, follow on twitter & Instagram @MissyNang.