Subscription boxes can help build good habits

Subscription boxes are a reminder to keep going.

If you are taking on new habits, subscribe to something related to keep you going…

Do you sometimes struggle to stay organised and stick to routines?

How do you bring yourself back on track if you fall off the routine?
For some people, reminders set to automatically show up at certain times help. Email reminders to attend the gym class, reminders to book a selfcare time. For other things, email reminders will not work. For example eating healthy, eating more vegetables and snacking healthier and with purpose. For that, Subscription boxes are the solution.
As we set in for the winter season, our rhythms drop a bit. We become a bit more uncontrollable with our diet, a bit more chocolates here, more doughnuts there, pies and sweets everyday. But that can be curbed and even reduced with one decision and a small amount of discipline.
For those looking to eat more vegetables and don’t know where to start, a veggie box subscription is the best solution: Every month, a selection of curated vegetables from Abel & Co lands on you door step and all you have to do if find the way to turn them into food for your family. 
You get to discover new vegetables and learn to cook more creatively. Since the box lands week/month, you become accustomed to some vegetables that you have learnt to love and can now fetched in the supermarket or fruits & veggies market.
For those looking to snack better, many services like Miss Nang Treats and Graze offer subscription models that will land in your post box at regular intervals.
The beauty about subscription boxes is that they on the long run actually help you save £££ as well as helping you remain disciplined. That certainly the case with Miss Nang Treats boxes. How?
  1. With a subscription box you stop going to the corner shop every hour looking for the next sugar hit. Imagine how much money you could save.
  2. You reduce your junk intakes because having chosen the content of your snack box you have become more conscious of the amount of unclean food you used to consume.
  3. If it is a curated box with  a mixed selection of treats, there is always excitement because you never know what will be included, therefore broadening your horizons as well as training your palate to enjoy better quality ingredients.
  4. With a snacks subscription box, you always have a gift ready to give away.
  5. Bonus, as they land monthly, they remind you of your promise to snack better.
  6. You learn to discipline yourself: Since some of your favourites aren’t easily accessible, you pace yourself so the treats will last longer. And if they do run out, well, you just have to seat and wait until the next box lands.
  7. Last but not least. Often, items in subscription boxes end up being cheaper than if bought individually.
  8. Added bonus, upon signing up, some entry offer start cheaper for the first month.  So take advantage AND Miss Nang Treats boxes are all postage free.
  9. Always look for a subscription you can cancel at any time if you are not enjoying the process… remember every routine has to have an element of fun. no one enjoys being in a stray jacket.

If you feel you are going to get bored adopting a new routine alone, why not invite a friend along?
So, what do you think of this idea of subscribing to something in order to maintain a routine?
post your comments below.