Cost of living crisis – Cook in advance with night tarifs

Cheaper energy tarif will save you hundreds of pounds, just trade it with some sleep.

Using night time energy tarif to do the most energy consuming activities might just be the best solution so far.

Forgive me if all the blogs are centered on food, but food is LIFE literally, food IS health, food is WEALTH… Without food, there is no health, without health, there is no work, no quality of life, no wealth!

When I was in full time work, my food used to bring the best smell in the office’s kitchen… Am not bragging I promise.

My colleagues who had been queuing to get their meals at lunch time used to be envious as I sat pretty leisurely enjoying my seemingly long lunch hour.

By being prepared, I enjoyed my full lunch time, ate a balance meal, save money and even went out for a walk post lunch! This led me to create the sauces and dips you now see sold here!

SAVING money requires preparation.

During the weekends, I used to prepare jars of sauces I would use during the week and that would save me money.
How? I hear you ask.

Preparing sauces during the weekend means that you are using weekend tariff (electricity & gas) to prepare your food.

During the week end, you have the time to visit your local outdoors markets for great quality fresh fruits and vegetables. You can create sauces and chop others for the freezer.

After using great energy at a cheaper rate (evening and weekend rates can be up to 2/3 cheaper) to prepare your sauces (which to be honest take the most effort) you can just boil rice, pasta, potatoes etc and mix in your sauces.

Plate of vegan food plantain and beetroot

Steamed broccoli topped beetroot chutney with a side of fried yellow plantain

Your cooking time will be reduced by at least half and you’d be at the dinner table faster with a delightful aroma filling the room without you breaking a sweat.

If you still work from an office, you can defrost your fresh veggies overnight, in the morning prepare your lunch bowl by mixing to the vegetables a dollop of your pre-made sauce, mix, add finely cut potato.

At lunch time, while everyone goes out to queue and spend a fortune, your meal is ready in 10 minutes and you can enjoy your lunch time leisurely.

HOW MISS NANG sauces can help you here?

– One. You do not have to go shopping, chop the veggies or cook the sauces yourself.
See one the early adopters Natasha, a busy business coach saying exactly that! Click here to watch the clip.

– Two. The sauces are made fresh with great quality ingredients so you can really have that homemade (but cook by someone else feeling). Are you like me, do you sometimes crave food cooked by someone else? It tastes different right?

– Three. You save time and energy costs because, even veggies bought frozen are made to sing by the sauces from the Kokwa & Mikki range… This is not a lie.

All you have to do, is defrost the veggies (from £1), and add your dollop of sauce, a whole yellow plantain, ready in 15 minutes in the microwave.

If you’ve never tried the sauces from the Kokwa & Mikki range please check them out here or some individual sauce and chutneys. There are 6 in total that can be used as cooking sauces, condiments and spreads…

Hope you have found some elements of this message useful and will try implementing them.

As you can see, living sustainably can save you some £££, it mostly takes planning and patience.

One last thing… Cooking meat will use up a lot of your energy allowance….


Let me know what you think.

Hortense Julienne