Black Valentine Heart

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Here the Nang CharcoAl (black almonds), second best seller from the Miss Nang range is married with a chocolate base made with coconut cream, cocoa and hazelnuts. This mix is an absolute treat as the faint flavours of orange and nutmeg already present come through to overpower the hazelnuts  that are tasted from the first bite.
Ingredients: Almonds, Charcoal, nutmeg, orange, saffron, Anglesey salt, sea salt, hazelnuts, coco cream, oat milk, can sugar. 
These hearts measure 10cm x 10cm at their widest part.
This will be a real treats for chocolate nuts lovers.
Last orders 4th February.
All orders will be in the post on 6th February.
Buy 2 save 10% – discount not cumulable with any others available.

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