Favors for wedding & hens

Favors for wedding guests & hen girls

The tradition dictates often that the wedding favors must be almonds!

If you must go with nuts, why not surprise the guests with some Nang sweet treats instead?

All the nuts are (yes) gluten free, very lightly sweetened, healthy and will be suitable for most people including vegans, the have great nutritional value and are INCREDIBLY MOREISH!

You might even find some guests stealing their table’s neighbour’s favors.

If you are considering offering any Nang nuts as your wedding favor. A tasting session can be organised at your home (London & Greater London only).

You have the option of supplying the necessary containers for the favors and I would just fill them up.  I can make some suggestions… even matching the color scheme of the wedding. Let’s talk.

See some suggestions below.

The favors above are just the cutest… The boxes are very fragile, inticates, but ultimately beautiful when they done. Will require a greast care to transport and a lot of patience.


The favors above are an updated version of the traditional “Almond in dish and laced”. here the lace is chosen separately and the favor is embellished with a red feather to reflect the wedding’s colour scheme.

Here the favors were more on a self service basis and the serving spoons, glass shots and bowl were decorated to match the wedding colours…


These can be used as wedding favors, but given their size, they are much more suitable for hen girls or for guests after dinner…

Below are other wedding favors to be considered.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Miss Nang

Email Miss-nang@outlook.com

Twitter @missynang

Instagram @MissyNang

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