Weddings, hens, goody bags

Serving bowl for self-service favours

Favors for weddings & hens and goody bags fillers.

The tradition dictates often that the wedding favors must be almonds!

If you must go with nuts, why not surprise the guests with some Nang sweet treats instead? 

The selection below represent the most popular product chosen as wedding favours or goody bags fillers: Nang Cin-almond, Cashew-Beet, Safprika.

They often presented in sustainable pillow boxes like the ones below to match the them of the event. So, if you have any color in mind, do not hesitate to make a request.

The nuts can be delivered pre packed or loose so you can pack them yourself in your chosen containers. There is also an option to deliver them in serving glass bowl with marbled serving spoon for a self service. see below.

All the nuts are (yes) gluten free, very lightly sweetened, healthy and will be suitable for most people including vegans, they all have a great nutritional value and are INCREDIBLY MOREISH!

If you are considering offering any Nang snack as your wedding favors, a tasting session can be organised at your home (London & Greater London only). For those outside London, the tasting will be on via Zoom.



Almond wrapped in traditional favours lace finished with red feather to match the wedding theme

The favors above are an updated version of the traditional “Almond in dish and laced”. here the lace is chosen separately and the favor is embellished with a red feather to reflect the wedding’s colour scheme.

Top of the page : The self-service favors are to be poured in decorated bowls with serving spoons and shots cups decorated to match the wedding colours…

Weddings, hens and events organisers can visit The Shop to see the choice of snacks available. Pricing based on quantities ordered.

Got an idea? Email your enquiry to Hortense at or fill in the online form here.

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