From Rare Tumours to Entrepreneurship

From Desmoid Tumours to Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Personal Transformation


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Rare diseases can often bring unexpected challenges into our lives. For me, it was the diagnosis of desmoid tumours that turned my life upside down. However, instead of succumbing to despair and after a long period of dealing with Chronic Neuropathic Pains, I used this experience as a launch pad for change and embarked on a path that eventually led me to launch my own healthy snacks brand – Miss Nang Treats. In this blog post, we journey a bit into my transformation and the turn around that has become the foundation of my successful venture.

The Diagnosis:

The diagnosis of desmoid tumours was the turning point in my life. At first, I was devastated by the news. The journey of battling these rare tumours was overwhelming, both physically and mentally. However, as I underwent various treatments and surgeries, I started to see the immense strength within me and the power of resilience. The various surgeries and treatments left me with a missing rib and 1/3 of the left shoulder blade.

Discovering a New Passion:

The Original snack quartet from the brand

I am  addicted to peanuts and the various ways of enjoying them, so, During my recovery period, I immersed myself in creating snacks that suited my palate better than what was on the market. I also realized that maintaining a balanced diet played a vital role in improving my overall well-being. Nuts and seeds emerged as a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle, and I became passionate about incorporating them into my daily diet.


The Birth of Miss Nang Treats:

Saffron & beetroot cashews

Motivated by my own journey and a desire to share this newfound knowledge with others, I decided to start my own healthy snack brand – Miss Nang Treats. The name “Nang” in some cultures is a term of endearment and also symbolizes strength and resilience, which perfectly mirrored my own journey. But it was specifically chosen because it is the end on one of my many African names – Nguepnang (Cameroonian & Bamileke).

The Mission:

Miss Nang Treats is not just a business, but also a platform to raise awareness about desmoid tumours and the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. Through my blog and social media channels, I provide educational content, share personal stories, and offer support to those dealing with similar challenges. If you follow me on Instagram, you will find many ideas about living ia zero-waste & plastic-free life as well as occasional setbacks due to health challenges.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities:

Starting a business is never easy, especially in a competitive market. However, my journey with desmoid tumours taught me to view challenges as opportunities for growth. I used my unique perspective to create a brand that stands out in the market and offers a genuinely healthy handmade snacking alternative made in England.

Spreading Positivity and Empowerment:

Miss Nang Treats not only aims to deliver nutritious snacks but also seeks to inspire individuals to take charge of their health and embrace their own personal journeys. I continually share stories of hope, empowerment, and resilience through my social posts and YouTube channels, encouraging others to turn their adversities into strengths.

Tasting event in a store


My journey with rare desmoid tumours became the impetus for a remarkable turn around in my life. Through the creation of Miss Nang Treats, I transformed my struggles into a thriving business that promotes health, positivity, and empowerment. I invite you to join me on this journey, as we navigate the challenges and triumphs together, embracing the transformative power of a healthy lifestyle and a resilient spirit.


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