Why are nuts good for you?

Cashew-Beet and cashew SafPrika jars

Why are nuts good for you?

Did you used to mock vegans & vegetarians for eating so much nuts and seeds? Do you still do?

Do you often look for the ONE snack that is going to solve (ALMOST) all your issues with snacking?

You should consider nuts and seeds.

More than most snacks, nuts and seeds are the most complex, versatile and nutrient dense snacks you can find anywhere in the world.

Yes, different continent have their most popular nuts or seeds, but it is a food group you can find anywhere in the world.

Nuts and seeds are usually replacement for protein sources or omega 6/3 for those who switch to a fully plant-based lifestyle.

Given their versatility, you can have them for breakfast in porridge, granola or spread.

For lunch or dinner, you can have them chopped in your salads, soups or stews.

Most African countries do nuts or pumpkin seeds steamed cakes cooked in banana leaves and these are completely fat-free as well as super tasty.

Other than that, by adding more nuts to your diet, you are likely to build stronger and healthier healthy body resistant bugs.

Some nuts will prevent diabetes, others will protect you from hearth issues, many will help your brain function, lower cholesterol and even reduce your joints’ inflammation.

That is just for starters…

For many years meat and dairy eaters have mocked vegetarians and vegans for eating so many nuts, but is because they knew something that the rest didn’t.

As we all are now more and more curious about plant-based cooking whilst limiting our consumption of meat and diary, more researches are available informing us of the goodness as well as the value in replacing our proteins, vitamins and vitamins sources.

Nuts are bland!

Often those reluctant to eat nuts  are simply adverse to their bland flavours, which is understandable.

It is for this reason that Miss Nang Treats creates not only visibly appealing nuts snacks, but the flavours are totally unexpected and very playful with natural ingredients mostly sources from the UK.

Miss Nang treats snacks are all plant-based snacks, handmade in small batches and made in Britain, specifically in Croydon.

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You ‘have never tasted nuts like these before’, ‘who knew nuts could be so tasty?’, ‘these nuts are dangerously addictive.’ Those are quotes from our customers.

What will you say after tasting your first Miss Nang snack?

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