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How to gift Nang Nuts.


Miss Nang gift

Nang nuts are best gifted in equally original containers.

Long after the nuts are gone, the containers remain… as a reminder and used for other purposes.


The Nang snacks are as welcomed by Men, Women as they are by children over 10.


The most unexpected people have commented on their surprise as they enjoyed the first handful and suddenly found that they had just finished eating someone’s special snack…


Here are few ideas on how to gift Nang nuts.


This is a great gift for someone who needs a beer glass…

No doubt a lady gift above.

Just to give you an idea of containers that could be used… they can of course just be decorative botlles or flower vase… All very useful… a teapot too….

This is a vintage bottle I found for a team’s gift…

The gift above was created for a 12 years old boy who really loves the nuts…

This one was created for a classy young woman who will definately use the mug.

You can order the sachet and fill up your own container, or am happy to find and wrap a bespoke whole gift based on the instructions received.


Contact me for a quote.


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