Cost Of living crisis – food related tips, sustainability and savings

💰 Cost Of Living Crisis, how living sustainably can save you some £££.

Hey hey hey Nuts and food lovers welcome to May!

You must be up to you ears with the expression ‘cost of living crisis‘.

Am sure everyone is giving you advice on this, but not only that, you must be sustainable… the latter is still a mystery to most.

So, As someone who’s a lover of good things, but also thrifty, in this live, am giving you few tips on being sustainable with food while also being economical with your energy.

As my monthly Instagram lon the subject and you can watch it here

In this live:

👉The reduced aisle is your best friend

👉Shop in big Asian supermarkets and your local fruits and veg market for variety and low cost.

👉Use by date is not the end of the product

👉Limp veggies can be revived

✍️Batchcooking can save you energy if you know you day/night/week end tariff for Electricity and gas

🌍Exchange your compost kitchen waste for food from allotment owners

🌍Regrow your herbs, help the insects the ecosystem and reuse your herbs for longer as they regrow

💰Shop smart and take care of your health: buy less chicken, save and buy a better grade meat once in a while… your health will thank you

I hope there have been useful to you.
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