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Nang Purple Lime – 100g

The Nang Purple Lime is a luxury sweet healthy Almond snack. Ingredients: Blanched almonds, soy milk, red cabbage, lime, cardamom, cane sugar, Essex salt.


Nang Scottish Walnuts – 100g

The Nang Scottish Walnut is a luxury savoury healthy snack.  Ingredients: Walnuts, cloves, Scottish whiskey, double roast oats, Pendja white pepper, sea salt.


Nang Mustard & All – 100g

The Nang Mustard & All is a spicy savoury vegan snack.  Ingredients: Blanched almonds, red cabbage, English mustard, sea salt caraway, spring onion, garlic.


For those who want to protect for the environment,try our compostable packaging range below with our family size snacks packs. Read about the Naturflex plastic imitation here.

Nang Sweet Pea Original – 500g

The Nang Sweet Pea Original is a sweet healthy nut snack. Ingredients: Peanuts, cane sugar, sea salt. Wrapped in compostable packaging.


Nang Cashew-Beet – 500g

The Nang Cashew-beet is a fantastic gift for foodies. Ingredients: Cashews, fresh beetroot juice, cane sugar, sea salt, beetroot flakes Wrapped in compostable packaging with a satin tie.


Nang Hot Ginger Sun – 500g

The Nang Hot Ginger Sun is a sweet and hot sun flower seeds snack. Ingredients: Sunflower seeds, chilli, fresh ginger, cane sugar, sea salt. Wrapped in compostable packaging.


Nang Cashew-SafPrika – 100g

The Nang Cashew-SafPrika is a mellow savoury snack with cashews rehydrated in spices. Ingredients: Cashews, saffron, paprika, black pepper, sea salt


Nang Vee-Cornish

The Vee-Cornish are peanuts lighly covered in a dusty oat milk caramel. Ingredients: Peanuts, vanilla (pending season Tahitian, Ugandan, Guadeloupean or Madagascan), Cornish sea salt, unrefined sugar.


Nang GellaStachio

The GellaStachio is one of the quirkiest of the range. Ingredients: Pistachios, pomegranate powder, Nigella seeds, Anglesey smoked sea salt, garlic, turmeric, chilli, vegetable oil.


Nang Sevander Bites – 150g

The Sevander bites are clusters of crumbling black and white sesame seeds with lavender held together with unrefined sugar and sea salt. Another favourite from the range. Ingredients: Black and white sesame seeds, Cotswold lavender,, unrefined brown sugar, sea salt.


Nang Cashew-Beet – 100g

The Cashews-Beet is a great foodies find and is also a great snack to share with Khosher and vegan friends. the Cashews are caramelised in hand pressed pure beetroot juice. Ingredients: Cashews, fresh beetroot juice, unrefined sugar, sea salt, beetroot flakes.


Nang Cin-Almond

The Nang Cin-Almond is a fantastic accompaniment for coffee. A highly addictive nut snack. Ingredients: Almonds, almond milk, sea salt,, unrefined sugar, cinnamon.


Nang Charco-Al – 100g

The Charco-Al is the healthiest of the tribe. The blanched almonds are coated in coconut husk charcoal with nutmeg and orange. Ingredients: Almonds, nutmeg, orange zest, oranges, activated coconut charcoal, smoked Anglesey sea salt, unrefined sugar.


Nang Satay peanuts – 100g

This simple looking healthy snack is packed with flavours and inspired by the Japanese Satay sauce and Cameroonian peanut sauce. Ingredients: Peanuts, garlic, ginger coconut oil & cream, black pepper, lime juice & zest, stock, sea salt.


Nang CoCafe Hazel – 100g

For people who love coffee in everything, this snack is definitely the one to try. This was inspired by a French pastry. Ingredients: Hazelnuts, rehydrated coconut juice, decaf coffee, unrefined sugar, sea salt