Veganuary challenge – Gold option

£45.00 £


Sign-up, get the cookbook and the classic set of crackers and dips: value £45.00 (SAVE £15 on Black Friday)

  • Get the classic set o crackers & dips
  • Free copy of Plant-Based Ideas For Carnivores
  • Get help adapting recipes from the book using some of the dips
  • Join the Facebook group
  • Receive updates on the best product to try – The best chewiest meat alternative is made with dehydrated beans and can be seasoned like any other meats.
  • Help create recipes with the dips and sauces you’ve received.
  • Join the zoom group catch-up
  • Be on Miss Nang Treats VIP list to be amongst the first to taste the new products developed.

With the third option, we will together create a mini recipes collection that you will be able to download for free as soon as it is completed.

From mid- January, you will have 40% off all subscription boxes to help you continue your plant-based journey; subscription boxes includes the Kokwa & Mikki range.

Upon signing up, you will receive further information about this challenge.

Thank you for joining the cohort.

Please feel free to invite friends to join you and be your accountability partner. Only 20 spots available.

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