Carrot dip, Black Rice Crackers & Ginger zing

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Carrot butter & Black rice crackers: They were designed as a pair… the black rice crackers will never taste a good with anything else as they do with THIS melting creamy Carrot Butter.

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  • Every item on this range is produced in a nuts & sesame processing kitchen. Please kindly avoid if any food allergies.
  • Every item on this page is plant-based and suitable for vegans.


Carrot butter: Works like a spread, will melt over steamed vegetables. Tastes amazing on boiled potatoes with a pinch of salt & pepper.

– use it preferably cold with any of the crackers. Especially the black rice & almonds crackers from the same range.

– Fantastic on warm starters

Ingredients: Carrots, red pepper, walnuts, red onion, garlic, parsley, scotch bonnet, black pepper, fresh ginger, paprika, sea salt, vegetable oil, coconut oil. (treat like butter).

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Black Rice & almonds Crackers

The black rice and almonds crackers were specially created for the carrot & walnut butter and they make a really good pairing.

Ingredients: Black rice, red kidney beans, almonds, plain flour, red onions, sea salt, rapeseed oil, rosemary.



CARISIPS mellow ginger drink (still)

This drink biscuits the best addition to the already addictive pair (Carrot butter & black rice crackers. If you must was it down, the Ginger Zink is a must.

Made by another South London artisan, inspired by her Caribbeans roots.


Allergies: Everything here except drinks was processed in a nuts & seeds processing kitchen. Please do not consume if you have ANY FOOD ALLERGIES. Everything is plant-based and suitable for vegans. May contain traces of celery, parsley, sesame seeds and peanuts.

Storage & use: all the ingredients are fresh, please only use clean utensils in the jar to avoid contamination and fast spoilage. In a normal average fridge, the open condiment can be stored up to 3 weeks. In a very cold fridge with temperature of 5⁰C and below, the condiments can last up to 2 months unopened.

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