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Nang Cashew-Beet

The set includes 3x Nang Cashew-Beet. Ingredients: Cashews, unrefined sugar, sea salt, fresh beetroot and beetroot flakes. This is snack is by far the most popular of the Miss Nang Treats range and the healthiest as well. POSTAGE FREE.


Sweet & Savoury set

Nang Purple Lime. Ingredients: Almonds, red cabbage, fresh lime, soy milk, cardamom, cane sugar, Essex sea salt. Nang Gellastachio. Ingredients: Pistachios, pomegranate spice, Nigella seeds, smoked Anglesey sea salt, garlic, Turmeric, chilli, rice oil Nang Cin-Almond. Ingredients: Almonds, almond milk, sea salt, cane sugar.


Sweet taster set

This is a fantastic sweet gourmet and foodies favourite choice of nuts snacks. The set includes: -Nang Sweet Pea Original. Ingredients: peanuts, sea salt, unrefined sugar. -Nang Cin-Almond. Ingredients: Almonds, almond milk, cinnamon, sea salt, unrefined sugar. -Nang Vee-Cornish. Ingredients: Peanuts, vanilla, Cornish sea salt, unrefined sugar. -Nang Cashew-Beet. Ingredients: Cashews, fresh beetroot juice, and flakes, sea salt, unrefined sugar. POSTAGE FREE.


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