Snack healthier

Hello and happy new Month! Am sure we all know this, but do you know that snacking constitutes up to 30% of our daily chewing? Just like Breakfast, lunch, dinner, we ought to look at our snacking much closer. Snacking is the only ‘meal we do not pay much attention to, but if you ever […]

Perfectionism and Disability

The month of Love has arrived. If you are single like me, this month is a reminder of your failing at bagging a life partner. African and south Asian families are great at reminding you how unaccomplished you are if you aren’t married at after 25 with kids. That already tells you how inadequate you […]

Happy 2021

  2021 is finally here. It had felt at times as if 2020 was going to last forever. Despite 2020 being majoritarily like a bubble of gloom many rediscovered life and turn those discoveries into major wins that transformed their lives. Was it the case for you? Did you have some major wins and discovered […]

Last post 2020

Hi everybody, how would you describe 2020? Are you excited to see it gone? Have you started planning 2021? Well at Miss Nang Treats, few things are coming up. Veganuary – am going to take few people on a vegan journey throughout January. There will be a Facebook page where we will all rediscover some […]


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